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  1. Can see Choudury starting. Think Rodgers will love him.
  2. The season Liverpool finished 2nd, they were without Suarez for the first 10 games of the season due to him biting Ivanovic at the tail end of the season before. After 10 games they were top of the league. I think the only memory that is skewed here is yours.
  3. I have 5 A grades and 4 B grades at GCSE. That's what my cv says anyway, I actually got 3 C grades
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see both Choudury and Okazaki start. A high energy, fast start is what we need.
  5. To be fair I don't think anyone has had BOTH of those opinions. But yeah, FT logic.
  6. Morgan, Huth and Wasilewski weren't very mobile but that turned out alright.
  7. Do you actually attend any matches?
  8. Please tell me who 'justifies' a start over Vardy because I'm all ears.... he's the best striker outside of the top 6 yet you'd rather place the blame at his door than Puel's? Do you go to the games? He gets zero service most weeks. You like statistics? We haven't lost 4 home games on the bounce for NINETEEN YEARS, but yeah Puel is faultless right? Award for the most deluded poster on foxestalk goes to.... (sorta want to apologise for being harsh here but I've seen you say worse on countless occasions )
  9. Dortmund look decent odds tonight. 11/4 at William Hill.
  10. Has Choudury not been better than both in the big games though? The logic isn't consistent, and that's the problem under this manager.
  11. Quite an attacking team? You know we're not playing a striker, right?
  12. So you don't drop them then, surely? Mendy needs to get in the bin.
  13. I think we do compared to the teams around us. No facts to back it up but I'd say that's probably the case
  14. Would make for interesting reading to see what other teams' records are like when displayed like this. I think our points return from the 'top' will be good relative to other sides in the 'middle', likewise our record against the 'bottom' sides would make for grim reading I suspect.
  15. Let's rule them out of another so called 'title race'.
  16. Hardly a Puel Out thread though is it?
  17. Finished watching this yesterday, it's fantastic.
  18. Barnes started West Brom's first game of the season.
  19. Unusually confident of a win here. Reckon Barnes will score the winner.
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