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  1. @chuck'em As @Costock_Fox said, you have a skill set that not everyone posseses. Good management and people skills are in demand and can be transferred to service industries such as health, transportation even banking. Selling a product doesn't need to be to be retail, sales are required in all industries,. Good Luck with your search
  2. Great man and a true gentleman. I saw him play many times and had the honour of meeting him in recent years God bless Gordon!
  3. It's really easy with iTunes. As I remember, you just upload the tracks to a playlist and burn to a recordable CD. It obviously requires that you have cd recorder attached to or in your computer. I found this web page that gives you instructions https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-burn-a-cd-using-itunes--mac-60101
  4. I had supported them long before that but my Dad wasn't interested so I never went as a young boy. We were living in Birstall so a bunch of my schoolmates from Humphrey Perkins went as a group, I was 13. I know it was a Wednesday night game and I'm certain it was Brum but what is putting some doubt in my head is that the records say that the attendance was only15k+. We were in the Kop and it was heaving. I remember vividly being crushed and that my feet didn't touch the ground as the crowd surged.
  5. I remember this game very well, it was the first time I met up with Mrs Smudge. Pictures at the ABC in the evening and 56 years later we are still follow the city every week on TV and at the ground when there. She saw both Man City games at Christmas, I saw one ...........plastic !!
  6. March 1959 Leicester v Birmingham
  7. I admit to not following his every word but I do think on the whole he offers an insight that people like me would never otherwise have.
  8. It's probably you, he contributes a lot to this forum and it would be a lesser place without him.
  9. I know, I'm in the UK for the first time in two years and can't watch the game but when at home I watch every one, so frustrating. Still great result
  10. I blame the Director of Purchasing. He is always buying stuff that doesn't work or is the wrong fit. Eventually we have to sell it on at a massive discount
  11. They were Nazi planes Alf not German tsk tsk My mother was born in Sheffield. She moved to Leicester to avoid the bombing. While at work, her lodgings in Highfields were bombed. This might have been tolerable if she had my Dad with her but he was a guest of Mr Hitler in Stalag 4B near Dresden. Bless her. PM me if you have any Sheffield/Rotherham Myers, Goodwin or Woodhouse family names.
  12. Yeah that's true, could mean either that or recalling players.
  13. In the BBC interview, when asked about Vardy's return, Puel intimated that some players may have to return to strengthen the team. 2:42 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46497118
  14. "Something is rotten is Denmark"
  15. I wasn't implying that you were.
  16. I feel that it's just a matter of time. What goes around etc.
  17. I met him once in the Swan and Rushes and watched a pre-season game with him. A kind person who went out of his way to help me.
  18. Thank you! Buying a used G12 might be an option
  19. Smudge

    Smart TVs

    I have a Vizio with "Smartcast" that means I can cast most apps like ESPN+ and NBC Gold directly to my TV plus Chromecast. This reduces the need for apps on my TV. I don't know whether all smart TV's have that but it would be something I'd look out for.
  20. @The Blur I had this issue of selecting a camera for my wife. She wanted to have a quality camera with a viewfinder but not too big or heavy/ At the time I selected the Canon G12 which has excellent resolution. I think it has been replaced by the G16. Here's a shot I took with it some years ago
  21. No mate I just watch and proffer unwanted advice. Pretty handy with the tater peeler though.
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