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  1. Profit is a two edged sword. To a public company it encourages new or satisfies existing investment. For a private company it means that you pay more corporate tax
  2. Cash in or out does not reflect profit or loss. I'm not sure how they depreciate the capital cost of a player but if you buy a piece of equipment for a million pounds you can depreciate that over five years. In other words what hits the cost line is 200k per year for five years not a million in the first year
  3. Mouthing silently 'Its the change!!!!'
  4. You are so on point, how have we become so entitled? Back in the day when this forum was new, we dreamed of being promoted to the Premier League let alone challenging for the Champions League.
  5. It's better than having it written on a piece of paper.
  6. It can't be a kegerator, he's talking about 4-5 pints I assume he means this type https://www.williamsbrewing.com/2-Liter-KegLand-Mini-Keg-P4625.aspx
  7. If this is the right part at least you can tell them where to get one https://www.partsgateway.co.uk/parts/detail/bp/vauxhall-insignia-2017-2019-pedal-box/1674227
  8. I have two Breitlings, one is a mechanical Chronomat with a slide rule. I used it constantly when I worked as a site engineer on the M6 . The other is a 1990 Navitimer which I bought when I was learning to fly a plane. It was very useful since it had two time zones However, @Rob1742is correct in my opinion Patek take some beating, I was in Govberg's in Philadelphia, on the cusp of buying a 5035 in rose gold at $13500. I thought, this is madness and walked out. That was in 1998 and today you won't see much change out of $50000 for the same watch.
  9. Don't you think they all try to buy their way in? Bloomberg just uses his own money. I think the system begets corruption. Those who support the others with large donations will be expecting some QPQ in the event that they are elected.
  10. I'm a big fan of mob movies, Intelligence, Vancouver based story Bad Blood, set in Montreal. I enjoyed them both.
  11. Well that fooked up my anecdote, ta Oxlong!
  12. I have fond memories of The Dickie Three. Whenever I'd return to Leicester my mate would take me there to play dominoes or cards with an ex army friend and his sons. Ex Tigers player, Rob Tebbutt, would often be in the group. They would meet up about once a month, start about seven, leave around nine then go for a curry across the road. The landlord and his wife were great, I remember him telling me the place was haunted. One story went that someone had gone to back end of the pub to use the toilet and when he happened to look in the mirror, he saw someone standing behind him yet he
  13. That is a misrepresentation of the facts. Most people tip 17.5% to 20% in a bar, cafe or fine dining restaurant. If you work a 5 till 12 shift at a fairly busy place, it's not hard to earn $400-500 a Friday or Saturday night in tips. The owners have to apply tax to those known tips ie credit card but, they are really happy if you tip them cash.
  14. Sounds like good advice. Good luck with the meeting.
  15. This discussion doesn't solve your problem but from a human resources perspective it gives an insight as to how it's viewed. https://www.cipd.co.uk/Community/discussion-forum/diversity-and-inclusion/f/general/69283/accusations-of-racism-in-the-workplace/304143?pifragment=3 I'd absolutely talk to your union to ask for advice and support.
  16. I know, now I've posted that I'm just waiting for a knock on the door.
  17. I'm stunned. who would have guessed he'd do that.
  18. I have become so tired of whatabout this or that as a counter argument, Forgetting what she, he or it did, why is the current acceptable? How anyone can defend a brass faced liar by pointing at the opposition as an excuse is bizarre.
  19. Absolutely, blackball the bastards! I aint joking, I'm sick of these turds Best of good fortune Andy I hope it all works out for you!
  20. Righto Mate i'll return to my "Talking Heads" DVD and in particular ' Start Making Sense"
  21. I take your point and I'm not suggesting the apocalypse is nigh but the behavior of the politicians of today is nothing like I have ever seen before.
  22. I've lived more than most on this forum so I've experienced a thing or two but in all my years I have never experienced this absolute denial of what is right. I can only think this is what life was like in Germany and Italy in the 1930's
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