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  1. Went to Lisbon recently. Would recommend it.
  2. So you never watched The Goodies then?
  3. Yes. Didn't miss many games in them days. I remember we were packed in so tightly, you could lift both feet off the floor and not fall or move anywhere! It seems strange now that in those days you could decide down the pub on a Friday night to go to an away game the next day.
  4. Just watched the goals above and remembered after the Gary Mac goal, we were singing "we're gonna get our fecking heads kicked in!"
  5. A day not to forget. We parked about four or five backstreets away. All was fine and dandy pre-match - drinking outside the pub with the locals on a lovely sunny day. Then two City goals later and WWIII broke out. Kept in for ages - just so everyone knew who the Leicester fans were - chased all round the back streets, drove the wrong way down a one way street and made the main road, where a kind policeman let us slip in between the away coaches. Phew!
  6. The second season of Fleabag has been excellent. If you haven't watched it, give it a try.
  7. Had an excellent pint (well pints) of Bass in the Wheel in Oadby at the weekend.
  8. I downloaded 'Dom Hemingway' from BBC iPlayer last minute as something to watch on the plane. Gritty, but really enjoyable. Jude Law and Richard E Grant.
  9. I've just discovered Cuckoo on BBC iplayer. Brilliant - don't know how I've missed seeing this before.
  10. Love this one. Read the opening credits!
  11. Managed to see The Green Book in advance of it's cinema release. A good 8/10 for me.
  12. I remember going to Swindon for the first game of the season. As I recall it ended 0 - 0, but the performance was amazing compared to what had been served up in previous seasons. 11 players who played for the manager and the shirt and put in a shift. The reaction of the away end reflected the effort put in and we drove home happy and full of new season optimism.
  13. Does that make Cardiff better than all of the above?
  14. The wife & I go to the Greek Islands a lot Frost and have been to Mykonos many times, although we only use it now as a necessary evil to get to other Cyclades islands. If you are staying on Mykonos, my advice would be to stay far away from Mykonos Town - unless you like to hang around with the wealthy 'pretty people' and Chinese and American tourists from the MANY cruise boats. You'll also need very deep pockets, as everything is a rip off. It's a shame, because I have spoken to many people on our travels, whose first experience of Greece is Mykonos and they vow not to return
  15. Loved Bad Times at the El Royale. Perhaps a bit longer than it could be, but I really enjoyed it.
  16. We had one of these in our garden when we were kids.
  17. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 133 seconds  
  18. You softy. That should be a wooden box and it should be nailed down!
  19. Going to Lisbon for a few days in March. Any suggestions or advice appreciated. Thanks.
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