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  1. Joint blame, along with marches and Bournemouth. Easily the best team in years - other than us of course.
  2. Isn't one link for another game
  3. Congratulations to Hugh Zappritti-Boyden, on his appointment as chairman of the British Budgerigar Association.
  4. I didn't think they were up for it and that Shuntelle annoyed me. I initially thought Jen was a pain but she grew on me and I loved how the teams bonded, despite the competition. I'm not a fan of reality TV, but if you're going to do it, this is how it should be done.
  5. This has been brilliant TV for me. Glad we lost the first couple, but after that, wow. Just loved everywhere they went and what a finish.
  6. Anyone watched breeders yet?' Thoughts?
  7. I'm First Name and so is my wife!
  8. That was my point. Probably didn't make it clear.
  9. Yes, because it's not possible to win something like 7 of your remaining 9 games is it?
  10. Just had Lithuania - Vilnius - cancelled for next weekend. Looks like Pembrokeshire here we come!
  11. Yes. It's brilliant TV. Really good, quirky characters.
  12. I can back up what Blackboots said. Great place to chill out, lovely beach, places to eat etc. It'd also on a bus route for a visit to Corfu Town too.
  13. I really enjoyed Atypical too. I live how they handle the subject matter with humour.
  14. One of my old neighbours had one that was loud and annoying. For some unknown reason though it would often fall down or snap
  15. Yes, Happy New Year to you all. May 2020 be successful on and off the pitch.
  16. I hate dirty Leeds and dread the thought of them getting promoted and bringing their racist fans to the KP.
  17. Yes. We should all go, lock ourselves in and have mass shit-in!
  18. ACAS East Mids - 0300 1231150 Talk to them. V helpful and free.
  19. This might help: https://beta.acas.org.uk/changing-an-employment-contract/when-changes-are-not-agreed
  20. We flew out to Kalamata, Greece, on one of the last flights on 22 Sept. We didn't think it would go due to all the speculation beforehand and made it by the skin of out teeth. We were flight only. We returned on Sunday on the last repatriation flight out of Kalamata - which the pilot confirmed was THE last repatriation flight! It was less than half full. We had to return to Manchester, rather than Birmingham, so twice the taxi fare, but no complaints. Interestingly, the plane had TC livery, but was owned by a Lithuanian company, who employed the pilots too, so was n
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