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  1. Surprised at just how good Mendy is. I actually think he can burst forward far more, but his remit is to stay behind. He did this against Wolves, but post match said Puel told him to stay behind and defend.
  2. Basically this. We were given zero respect for our display against probably the most potent attacking team in the world.
  3. The same is true for Liverpool goals. Their first was an error from Pereira and the second was Maddison standing idly as Firming scored. Certainly don't agree Liverpool were the better team or in cruise control as Shearer implied.
  4. I think we had just as many. Gray, Maddison & Morgan as well as the goal. Not many teams will have 4 very good chances against Liverpool.
  5. Exactly are we an invisible team. We played the better football, made Liverpool look ordinary, yet not one mention of us.
  6. Probably Jones who had a shocking game. Expect a £80M+ Maguire offer in Jan. On a positive Luke Shaw looks back to his best.
  7. sm1


    Either that or he reads foxstalk.
  8. Sometimes it's more important to be a lucky manager as opposed to a good manager. Puel and us are certainly using up our luck. Most bizarre decision was to sub Gray & Maddison when they were down to 10. Anyway a wins a win.
  9. Yeah thats him. Saying that he's been given a red card.
  10. That young kid looks like a prospect. Destined for bigger things.
  11. He's a complete donkey. Saying that he'll get his customary goal against us.
  12. I remember Liverpool doing something similar when Brendan Rogers was in charge. It wasn't a bad watch.
  13. India finally show some fight with the bat. Pant looks like a good batsman, interesting to see him play tomorrow.
  14. Haye is such a tw4t, trying to make fury sound like Mike Tyson in his pomp. It was hilarious how Chisora shut him up after his last fight.
  15. The English commentary was dreadful, some of worse I've heard. Much preferred the foreign one even though I couldn't understand a word.
  16. Lacklustre display but we won without getting out of 2nd gear. I think we played better against Utd but had better luck today. Also kudos to Mendy great 90min performance.
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