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  1. So... I fell off the wheel since I finished university 2 months ago, so from today onwards I’m going to post in this thread to keep myself accountable. Did a ‘push’ workout today.(chest, shoulders and triceps) im noticeably weaker which is no surprise, hoping my strength catches up to my ego in a month or so ?
  2. jesus wept, what is wrong with some of you?
  3. Physically, he’s ready for the prem; question marks on his reading of the game, can see him atleast getting a prem game this season and it will be very interesting to watch. Part of me thinks he’ll take to it just like Hamza has.
  4. They need to be loaned out, besides hamza. I’d keep Johnson for our 4th choice but if not send him out aswell x
  5. As long as Benny doesn’t play I’m happy for him to be in the squad!
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the myths are true, at least that’s my excuse
  7. also seem to be actually getting the striker involved in play for once
  8. of course we're still overloaded in CM, I just think he's the perfect foil for Ndidi and Maddison that's all.
  9. Puel needs to put an arm around Chilwell, he could be twice the player if he wasn't so nervous; he's better than what his brain can deal with.
  10. also, even tho he's 29 i'd throw a lot of money at Parejo; exactly what we need
  11. Diabate can't be played left midfield, needs to be cutting in from the right.
  12. Issues are that Neville and Rudkin won’t be leaving any time soon, meaning they’ll continue with the same culture you’ve mentioned. I think hiring Macia was a step in the right direction and away from this culture, perhaps a sign of things to come? Hopefully for the new training ground we invest in some new coaches to go with it, it’s like giving your grandad an iPad. I’m hoping we start to show a bit more ambition and in terms of signing promising talent but even then it’s hard to compete with the big boys so early on.
  13. The Monaco model is something I think we can strive towards realistically, have a training ground to attract some of the best prospects for the first team aswell as u23s, sell to the big clubs and bide our time
  14. Hamza is more of an athlete, just doesn’t have their experience yet
  15. I think he had the highest attempts on goal in the championship last year? (I maybe wrong) perhaps this something we’ll come to expect
  16. Really excited to see him with Vardy, seems a perfect match.
  17. That's rather disappointing news, Ricardo is with them as well; a long with a few of the injured players
  18. Interestingly we don’t seem to have a destroyer type CDM at England, atleast at u21 and senior level; could potentially fill in that niche
  19. i'd be happy with him, iborra, silva, ndidi and potentially someone new if we can get rid of the deadwood. Potentially I think we've got a good all-rounder on ours hands
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