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  1. Give Ruben enough time and he’ll help in that department, mason mount will be starting for England next year as well I reckon.
  2. With reference to your first point, I believe I saw a lot of people on this forum that did say that. I Didn't mean the club thought that when signing him. no.10, tip of the diamond whatever you want to call it, is just an attacking midfielder. Yes he'll stay up a fair bit but will track back when we need him to.
  3. He'd never suit our team, got to be part of a fluid front three which is a system we've not done in years. Really should have had a buyback clause but i'm sure we'll learn from this.
  4. Thought he did well last night, gets his foot in just wish he was quicker. I'm certainly rendered confused how we ever thought he was a no.10 Silva, Ndidi and Maddison should prove to be a good enough midfield for us going into the next season with Iborra, Barnes and Choudhury as cover with the latter two on the assumption they continue to develop as well as they have.
  5. Brilliant Analysis, the likes of Sterling and Vardy don't just become useless overnight it either has to be the system they play in or the players surrounding them. As we know, Our midfield isn't exactly great which suggests the latter is true.
  6. Its just lazy though, people make the same joke about African players on this forum far too much.
  7. All I ask is you stop making stereotyped, somewhat racist jokes. Grow up.
  8. Camera's at football games (might be other sports as well) only ever seem to point at the fit women, its bizarre
  9. most of the penalty decisions have been far too harsh IMO
  10. VAR is a joke. Besides that I think its been rather good
  11. had £3 on a Ronaldo hattrick with sky at 50/1, wish I had more on it
  12. And this is my friends is why ITKs deserve to be scrutinised
  13. I personally wouldn't be surprised to see the same drama on deadline day, but obviously it could very much not get that far and he get his move early. I'm hoping Maddison comes in earlier and he isn't seen as the 'replacement'
  14. If we sign Maddison I reckon i'm putting the winnings on Mahrez to stay, are any bookies offering more than the 7/1 with skybet??
  15. all 3 have got right engines on them, it'll be like having 3 defensive and 3 attacking midfielders all at once
  16. If Nigeria are to do well you have to think our own players will be the reason
  17. They love going down the line I've heard ….
  18. I won't be surprised if they start with the tried and tested Gomez instead tbh, their manager is very odd with his selections to say the least.
  19. In general it will be interesting to see how he does, linked with Man Utd for a while; the Croatia team in general looks brilliant on paper. I do however think Croatia and Belgium for the all the talent they possess will ultimately fail at this tournament, as per our 'Golden Generation'
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