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  1. What I love about Barnes is his seemingly unlimited energy reserve, as well as his lack of fear. He'll run at his man for 90+ minutes without so much as batting an eyelid and that kind of drive is infectious; it sets the tempo for the rest of the team, and once he starts finding the net on a regular basis, there'll be no stopping him. Also, props to West Brom for playing a major part in his development.
  2. Negotiations are ongoing and the final details are being ironed out as we speak, the most notable being: a golden statue will be erected in Brendan's likeness. The anatomically correct statue will stand at 16 feet tall to represent the points gap between Leicester and Arsenal mid-table obscurity. Rodgers made himself clear that no contract extension would be happening unless every part of the statue is scaled accordingly, but Top was quick to reassure him, stating confidently that no expense will be spared as the world's most gifted architects will be brought in to craft Rodgers' todger.
  3. Isn't it a bit soon for Arsenal to give up on the PL? Uprooting seems a tad extreme.
  4. At Man City, he needed world class players around him to thrive; he might have felt there was no need to develop the rest of his game. Iheanacho's finishing ability has never been questioned, but he now has players around him who are capable of picking him out, as well as a manager who has backed and motivated him to become a more complete player.
  5. I'm beyond pleased for Kelechi! He worked his ass off and made shit happen. Props to the rest of the team too. Let's make Liverpool sweat!
  6. Michael Keane's house has many clean windows, despite no-one being hired to clean them. I wonder why that is.
  7. In all honesty, the scoreline flatters Brighton. I mean, if not for the floodlights reflecting off Aaron Mooy's dome throughout the match, we probably would have won by 4 or 5; it's easy to miss sitters when you can't see.
  8. Nacho on for Kasper at 90 mins for the banter.
  9. Wenger would be spinning in his grave if he saw what Arsenal have become.
  10. He's to us what Pep is to Manchester City; you can be up by 7 goals, but if the performance isn't maintained and you let your head drop, he'll rail your ass without lube once the match is over.
  11. Wes could have been subbed on and shown a red card within 30 seconds for two-footing the referee and he'd still get a 10 from me on this night.
  12. 3 scrappy points and Sean Dyche choking on his own spit. Not a bad day at all.
  13. I think I understand Brendan's tactical setup now. He wants for us to wind up the opposition so much that they'll go in two-footed on Praet, resulting in a red, every single time. Numerical advantage, plus Dennis Praet's legs of steel, equals 3 points. Oh, and we played pretty well too, didn't we?
  14. Longstaff looking rather dull and flaccid, along with the rest of his team.
  15. Holy ****, I haven't heard the King Power booming like this since 15/16!
  16. Top 4. We'd be making one helluva statement and playing in the Champions League will enable us to keep a hold of our best players, as well as widening the scope for quality players to join us.
  17. He tried a Harry Kane and pulled an Okazaki.
  18. Spurs don't do what Spurs do for Spurs. Spurs do what Spurs do because Spurs are... Spurs.
  19. What a ****ing goal. What a ****ing assist.
  20. Sheffield United aren't dissimilar to Burnley and Stoke, so I'm pleased we were able to walk away with limbs intact, heads held reasonably high, and most importantly, 3 points in the bag.
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