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  1. The lineup looks good and I suspect that Hamza's role will be more of a shuttler, rather than a creator. Not only will he be expected to carry the ball, he'll also be tasked with winning the ball high up the pitch. We all know Brendan loves his teams to press high and seeing as we're at home, he'll want nothing but balls deep action and intensity.
  2. I'd say a couple of years or so, minimum. He's not gonna break down the way Rooney did and the good thing about Vardy is his ability to adapt. He doesn't need to rely on lung-busting sprints anymore, so long as he's among the quickest to react over 10-15 yards.
  3. I don't see James on the team sheet. My guess is that he's signing for Atletico as we speak.
  4. Supposing this is legitimate, I only hope that we get the very best deal. From what I've seen, he has crazy passing range, especially for a CB. When I heard we'd been linked, I remembered this:
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