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  1. If I recall correctly wasn’t it us that ended their last record undefeated home run under Jock Wallace (1981 I think) We won 2-1 Melrose getting the winner.
  2. We should have taken a point at Anfield last season if not for Manes last minute dive. Let’s do them this time with a Vardy last minute pen.
  3. So now Klopp complaining about fatigue and fixture congestion etc. Doesn’t seem to be doing us any harm.
  4. I thought that there were 20 teams in the PL but it seems there are only two according to sky?
  5. Another all round great effort. Pleased to see Hamza put in an almost flawless performance, Albrighton again put in a shift, Maddison looked back to his best and YT bossing it again. What can you say about Nacho? He is loving this competition, 3 goals and 3 assists in 3 games. Ok so he had a bit of luck, but when you put in the work it is more than deserved. thought Thomas was decent again, and this system allows Fuchs to be there beside him to provide the experience and that gives him the confidence to get forward. Perez looked like a man possessed when he came on. Its an all
  6. I really don’t know any more. Ricky, Evans, Soy, Wilf and Castagne you would have assumed to be nailed on starters. Probably same goes for Maddison but look what we have achieved without most of them. Would be extremely harsh on Mendy and Praet in particular to suddenly be left out. Albrighton, Fuchs, Hamza know their role is primarily as back up or being selected for specific jobs in certain games but with the exception of Slimani who is only here because nobody wanted him and Gray who is on the naughty step for refusing a new contract, the whole squad has performed as and when needed in wha
  7. Thought he was a tad harshly done by for his booking last night but just loved the way he was never going to pull out of that one. It was like watching a sumo wrestler the way he chested him off the pitch.
  8. Especially when you factor in that one of those full backs is supposedly over the hill and the other is a 22 year old who was plying his trade in league 1 just over twelve months ago, purchased as a future prospect for £6m and was thrown in at the deep end last season due to injuries.
  9. Whilst some of our line ups and formations may have been partially forced due to the injury crisis, I think that going forward we will see far more rotation in respect of both personnel and shape. BR has admitted that he needed to adapt and that is what we are now seeing. Mendy I agree has probably been our most consistent performer so far this season and will be used in games where we need to beat a high press with Wilf stepping in when we need to be more solid and soak up pressure. Whilst there is the argument that stability brings consistency (ala 2015/16) i suspect we will see a much
  10. Albrighton once again showing why he always forces his way back into the side whenever he is sidelined. Mr reliable, always puts in a shift and gives everything for the team. His vision when looking for the early ball or cross field pass is vastly underrated by many. Never was a “flair” player but we have others for that. Goes to show that goals/assist stats are not everything as he seemed to be everywhere in the last couple of games, tackling, covering, making runs, putting in crosses and generally showing for ball and moving it on. Every squad needs players like him around and hopefully
  11. Great game from him last night. Some of his touches and quick turns were class. for me though I just wish he would step aside occasionally and let others take a few free kicks/corners. I think BR needs to tell him that sometimes we have better options such as using a left footer to mix things up so we do not become too predictable. There were a couple of times last night where it was noticeable that Albrighton and Under in particular where preparing to take one and Maddison came over and took control.
  12. When he came on tonight looked like a player with a point to prove. Great footwork to set up the assist for Maddison and unlucky not to get on the scoresheet himself. just proves he is far more effective in a central role.
  13. That is a phenomenal stat.
  14. Actually can't wait for this one. Getting a bit excited by this competition now. Don't know much about Braga but that's part of the the adventure. We may be depleted but with the current ethos that seems to be running through the squad I am confident that whatever team Rodgers puts out they will give it a good go. Whilst not make or break, win and we are pretty much home and hosed for qualification and it will put down a big marker as far as our Euro credentials are concerned. If we win the group we should avoid most of the big guns in the next round and after that who knows. Ju
  15. We have had some top strikers at the club over the years, Alan Clarke, Wortho, Lineker and Heskey in my lifetime. Vardy however is different Gravy. All of the others, eventually moved on but Vardy has repaid the faith put in him and stayed loyal, which in itself is refreshing these days. Every season we worry that old Father Time is eventually going to catch up with him but he keeps proving us wrong by adapting his game. It is not only his finishing but, the last few seasons he is also right up there with one of the highest assist stats for strikers. He admits that he has had to adap
  16. It is far too early to predict. We PROBABLY won’t win it or get relegated. There are a lot of clubs sitting between 10-16 points, all who could make a push for top 6 or drop right away especially in this topsy- turvey season. The only thing that looks certain at the minute is that WBA and Fulham are going to struggle. on our current form and considering the players we have to come back then we should be comfortably top half.
  17. I think there is a bit of the bulldog spirit in our camp at the minute. So many writing us off due to the poor end to last season and the injury crisis this has brought the squad together and engendered a bit of a seize mentality both with the players and coaching staff. a bit of the old 2016 stuff you attitude.
  18. Fuchs is past it, albrighton not good enough anymore, mendy league 1 player, Thomas should have been sent out on loan to the championship. there must be a lot of indigestion around after large helpings of humble pie. oh and we have no quality in depth obviously. i think there may be one or two on the injured list right now who might just be a teensy bit worried about how they are going to get their place back in the side. BR is going to have a real headache when everyone is fit but it’s the sort that all managers love to have. goes to show the togetherness and belief that t
  19. Spot on. Even if by some miracle we find a pot of gold, buy more players what do we do with them when our injuries clear up. People go on about our “small” squad, but it is the same size as everyone else’s as dictated by PL rules (except for under 21s). If we buy we have to move others out.
  20. This place is looking amazing. Liverpool bragging about their new place which is not a patch on this. We are MASSIVE. I do hope that, unlike some mercenaries on here, we are being fair with the contractors in respect of delays due the bad weather and covid etc. Would hate to see a repeat of the problems over the building of the stadium (looked good on the outside but serious problems behind the scenes with unfinished areas due to disputes with the contractor)
  21. I know players age and sometimes don’t fit changing systems etc but Kevin is a true legend of the club. Premier league winner, scorer of our first ever CL goal and the decider against Seville (probably one of the greatest games played at the KP). Along with Morgan our best player on the night in Athens. There is life in the old dogs yet. Also, who better to assist defensive training than one of the best crossers of the ball around. No longer an automatic starter but people need to realise that some players value to the squad goes a lot deeper than simply the starting eleven. The fact
  22. Not sure if this the right place for this but heard the sad news today that England World Cup winner Nobby Stiles has passed away. A true icon of the game. Will never forget that toothless smiles and the story that Norman Hunter (also recently passed) related when an opposing player threatened to knock his teeth out. His reply was “you’ll have a job mate cost they are in a tissue in my pocket” sadly he has spent the last few years in a care home suffering dementia but will bee remembered fondly. The class of ‘66 are now getting thinner.
  23. Exactly this. Often think we not going to get anything out of a game but still rooting for the boys to pull something out of the bag
  24. To those who moan about our lack of depth, Morgan And Albrighton probably our two best tonight. Not saying they can do it long term, especially big Wes given his age but he bossed the 18 yard box and won nearly everything in the air. Marc was the true pro once again, putting in a shift and trying to make things happen. An away win in Europe, on a dodgy pitch with crap officials with half of our first choice 11 injured, some of the normal stand-ins carrying niggles or needing to be rested and rotated or preserved (mendy,Fuchs, Praet etc) is a great result. Maybe we are not as weak as some
  25. By that argument we are still in credit for the Holding handball (which should have been a second yellow to boot) so bring on next seasons game
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