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  1. opinions are fine. we all have them, but unnecessary abuse, such as calling an obviously intelligent human being, with a track history of high level performance a clueless moron is another thing altogether. This from the same poster who regularly dismissed one our best performing players so far this season "not even league 1 standard". I get that some people say these things to get a reaction, and he has achieved this, fair enough, but lets just think before we resort to this type of personal abuse that makes us look like stupid entitled children. When errors are made, fine, lets cal
  2. I just don't get this Perez hate thing. Is it simply because he cost a fair bit? Well so have plenty of others. Or the fact that he hasn't scored in double figures? Name me another player, other than the obvious one that did last season. Doesn't take on three men, beating them all at pace and finishing off with a screamer or a perfect cross? - Barnes may be quick but he couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo (although put it in a keepers jersey and he would have no problem). or is it because he is not some bloke from Algeria called Riyad? - move on people. Instead of just picking out thi
  3. not really. probably just been pumping excess water or run off into it. it could be a settling pond from the earthworks. Either that or the newts have been partying.
  4. people banging on about lack of a new striker are living in cloud cuckoo land i am afraid. 1 We generally play with one striker up front and are unlikely to change that system more than for the odd game 2 We already have a back up with Nacho (who can also play as the second front man just behind Vardy if we do play 442 3 Who could we afford that would be of the standard we seem to expect 4 If we had the money who, taking 3 above into consideration, is going to come here knowing full well they will generally spend the next couple of years warming their backsides on the bench
  5. Yes personally i can't see Slim getting anywhere near the squad. Suspect that he will be required to maintain fitness by training with the U23s (don't think anyone wants him near the first team, especially the players). Hopefully we can get him moved on in January. I know he can hang around and go for a free next summer, but the longer he is without a club at his age, the less likely it is that he will find one, so would have thought it in his best interest to take any decent offer he gets .
  6. I would say that our recruitment team did a pretty decent job all things considered. Obviously we do not have vast pools of cash swilling around and need to keep within our budget and model of sustainable growth (not the right time to go cap in hand to KP for handouts). We have strengthened in those areas where most recognised that we needed to upgrade or add depth and obviously had a plan for this. I think it was common knowledge that Chilwell would most likely be the one to go to fund our business. He was being courted by Chelsea for a while, wanted the move and, compared to say a quality pl
  7. Surely as Fogana is under 21 for PL registration purposes that leaves one spare place? Presumably Matty James or Slimani will be given a squad place unless we sign someone over 21 from EFL in the next two weeks (and assuming nobody else leaves in the opposite direction) As far as EL is concerned i suspect Ndidi, as he is out injured until December anyway and Jakupovic will be left out as per the OP, on the assumption that we can update/change the squad following the January window should we qualify from the group stages.
  8. Isn't Plan B that musician guy ? Don't know if he is any good at football though.
  9. whilst i agree to a certain extent that we have never really got the best out of Perez, he is far from as bad as some people seem to make out. He does a lot of running off the ball, making space for others and is a cog in the wheel for our system. Aside from yesterday, when we were collectively poor, we generally seem to do better with him in the side than without. He is one of those players who quietly goes about his business without being flash or ripping up any trees. If Under works out as the right winger we have been crying out for then i think he will be the one that makes way and he wi
  10. I thought kasper should have come for the first and also come out to narrow the angle for the second. Not saying he was at fault per se but could have done better. Bit like the whole team tbh.
  11. Ha ha. Liverpool fan saying Klopp should resign on bbc
  12. If everyone is fit I would go with the same starting line up we did in the first two games. Maddison and under on for Pérez and Praet on the hour mark.
  13. Puels comments re playing poker to get the best price are exactly what we all knew was going on. It was always going to happen it was just haggling. TBF they played us quite well, and saved face with their fans by making it look like they rinsed us. Seems from some reports that we didn’t pay as much as was claimed (bit like the YT deal). Would not be surprised if we agreed to go along with it to smooth the process and possibly pave the way for a loan deal for Benkovic or other future deals.
  14. Join the club. Nobody understands his jokes
  15. @Ali Seyyahyou have a beautiful country. One day it is somewhere that I would like to visit. You are obviously very proud of it and your football team. We are grateful for the talent that you have produced and we here in Leicester all love Caglar. Now his best friend is also here we hope he never leaves us and that Cengiz will also be a great player for us. We are excited to have him here and cannot wait to see him play. we welcome you as an honorary fox and hope you continue to join us here.
  16. Pretty sure an extension of time application would have been approved due to Covid. Most construction jobs have clauses in the contracts to protect the contractors from liquidated damages in the event of forces beyond their control causing delays. Personally i would hope that we are being fair with them. When the stadium was initially built there were lots of behind the scenes areas that were unfinished/poor standard due to the contractual falling outs with the contractor. (the club refusing/delaying payments and then Birse the not completing works properly)
  17. Timmy is a good shout. If there was an award for impact of a new signing it would surely be nailed on
  18. me too. it was his groin he was holding not his hip, but i suppose it could have been the socket joint. when i saw him first thoughts were it looked like the world cup. That said he was only out for a few days then. It is a bit worrying though that there has been no news from within th camp on any of the three injuries we picked up last weekend
  19. yeah. that "manager of the season so far" bit is definitely maybe just a tad over the top. But then again journos need a headline and it gives the story a bit of a shock horror feel and sounds better than "first manager of the month award for the new season goes to......"
  20. True. but in context he should get the first PL manager of the month award. Aside from Ancelloti there cannot be any other serious contenders surely. 9 points out of 9, 12 goals scored, top of the league, inflicted MC worst ever home defeat in a tactical masterclass. All of this with several key players, who most would expect to be starters missing
  21. Thanks Edit (yippee it works). All i need now is to work out where the text editor/insert symbol is so i can add all those umlouty thingummies to Soyuncu, Iheanacho and Unders names
  22. I actually agree totally. variety is the spice of life. if we were all the same it would be a bloody boring place. Once upon a time i too was a radio 1 listener. now its smooth FM lol.. Oh and all those funny little shiny round things i have are what we used to call CDs back in the day and the big black ones with a little hole in the middle are R-e-c-o-r-d-s. If you span them around and scratched them with a bit of diamond stuck on the end of a pin you got sound from a couple of big box things.
  23. yep. that would be me too. As far as i am concerned Rap is just someone talking too fast to know what they are on about, and garage music should jut bloody well stay there with all the old paint tins. We built this city on Rock n Roll.
  24. I would be very surprised if we do not go back to our preferred 4-1-4-1. Amartey in for evans if unfit, Ditto Maddison for Praet. We could see Under on for Perez at the hour mark. Can't see Fofana starting, not even sure if he will be eligible anyway, but if he is again maybe a run out late in second half. Hopefully another three points and still top of the league going into the break.
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