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  1. At least we won't have to put up with a daily barrage of media rubbish about him going to utd for the rest of the summer. Lets hope he is fully recovered from his hip injury and shows some of the form from the first half of the season.
  2. Could be a make or break season for our long term ambitions. We have established ourselves as the best of rest, and will be taken seriously next term, but we have to kick on and cement that position now. At the start of last season, I like many others were excited by the potential of our young squad and thought it a good shout that we could displace one of the traditional top 6 with Utd, spurs and Arsenal in disarray and Chelsea with their transfer ban. We achieved that and more. This time around though, it will be tougher as UTD and Chelsea have both strengthened, Liverpool and Man Cit
  3. I actually honestly believe that we can do very well in this competition if we get a reasonable draw for the group stages. Probably our best shot at getting back into CL. Everyone dissing this competition should think about that. OK maybe some of the early group games may be at places we have never heard of, but once into the knockout stages there will be some big teams. Regular qualification for this competition should be our target and would establish us firmly as a "top 6" side. Regular European football is still going to attract quality players and who knows, we can look to push on from
  4. Exactly. Nobody denies our form dropped off but to take the position that having all our players fit would not have made any difference and we would still have been just as poor is counter intuitive. Something, or some combination of factors led to that drop off and it is not unreasonable to suggest that the run of injuries we suffered had some part in that, and therefore identifies the need to strengthen in those areas. If we would have been so poor with everyone fit and available then the whole management team and playing squad would by inference be substandard and we would need to rebu
  5. Never said that they were all out at the same time. Just that our poor run of form started at the same time that we missed certain key players which underlines our lack of depth in those positions. As for Cags, yes he was in the team that day if he had not got himself sent off we may may well have salvaged something and would not have been without him for the rest of the run in. As i said, there is no way of knowing if we would have been any better or worse with or without those players but it certainly did not help. If you believe that we would have been just as poor if we had our first choi
  6. Cannot agree. Liverpool/man city games aside, our poor run of results coincided with the loss first of Ndidi, vardy, then RickyP and ultimately Maddison/chilwell/fuchs (plus cags through suspension). We have hardly fielded a fully fit first choice 11 since January. who knows how some of those final few games would have panned out if everyone had been fully fit and available. That is far too sweeping a statement, we could have been far better, or that matter worse.
  7. Shhhh everyone. don't let on. massively overrated, nothing to see here. Close thread.
  8. Been saying this for a while. Overall our model of bringing in young talent and nurturing it is the right way to go (and as such we should expect a few failures as well as the hits along the way), especially when we can sell one or two on for a profit which pays for the next batch etc which provides the long term sustainability that the owners are striving for. However, we are seriously lacking a senior pro, been there got the T-shirt type of player in the middle of the park to calm things down and gee up the youngsters when needed. We have Kasper, Vardy and Evans as regular starters that pro
  9. Is it the managers fault if we cannot secure the targets we want, even if they are available? Did he actually have a budget? Did they want to come here/ could we afford them? deciding to operate with a small squad could be a smokescreen for we ain't got no money to spend. None of us know what the clubs finances are in any detail, what targets the manager and the recruitment team have identified so it is all speculation. That said results need to improve and we have to get some consistency back or as is the case at every club, the manager will carry the can ultimately
  10. I agree. First half of the season we were brilliant, blowing away teams for fun, Southampton away, Newcastle, Villa, WHU etc. we had the best defensive record bar none and hadn't conceded from a set piece (other than pens) before the wheels came off. I do not buy this "other teams sussed us out and just sat deep etc". Everyone knows exactly how Liverpool, Man city etc are going to play but, just like us in 2016, cant stop them. That was the difference, we seemed to lose something, be that confidence, swagger, fitness/carrying injury, which allowed teams to counter us rather than u
  11. As highest finishing qualifiers from pl do we get seeded for group stage as per CL or is it just an open draw. Can two sides from same country be drawn together? Edit. Just looked it up and whilst we cannot be in a group with another pl side seeding is all based on uefa coefficients, basically that means we are likely to be in a lower pot as we have very few ranking points. There will be teams you have never heard of seeded above us as they will have played More CL/EL games than us in the last five years.
  12. That may well be the case and I am sure the recruitment team are hard at work. The club seem to like to do their business in private and not make announcements until the deal is done. Anything else of course is pure media speculation
  13. All managers are judged by results, rightly or wrongly. If a manager is backed in the market and then fails to get results they will deservedly be looking for another job. Unfortunately, in the fickle world of football, they often end up carrying the can even if given no funds, have half their squad on the treatment table etc. BR was brought in to move "the project" forward and as such should be given the time and resources to do just that. If (as may well be the case post Covid) funds are not available, then performance targets should be amended accordingly, unfortunately, fans don't seem ab
  14. There will always be dissenters and everyone is entitled to their opinions on managers, players etc. Sometimes somebody comes along who is the right fit at the right time and there is no denying that NP was that man at that time. As was Claudio and MON. Over the years there are those who will be remembered fondly, some with vitriol and some with mixed feelings or not at all. Some performed miracles on a shoestring (Nige, MON) others spurned millions (Taylor, Sven) on dross. Claudio will always be remembered for winning us the title, and there is no doubt that he was the per
  15. When you look at the backbone of the squad that MON left behind there was real talent there. Yes, we lost Heskey and one or two were approaching the back end of their careers but what happened under Taylor was shocking. I was genuinely excited that first season, i really thought we would finish top 4 and finally win the FA cup. The defeat to Wycombe was disastrous but i think that things had probably started to fall apart before then. Taylor brought some woeful players in and it was obvious that he had an agenda to break up MONs squad. More recently Puel did the same, trying to dismantle the
  16. Don’t be so sure. I thought that about Lineker and know I am not so sure, so who knows what the future will hold. There is no doubt though that Vardy will certainly be up there for a long while to come.
  17. Presuming his red was for violent conduct that is automatic 3 game ban so they don’t know what they are on about as usual.
  18. Or would fair play come into it? If so soyuncu red could be more costly than we thought. Not sure of the standings if this does get taken into account.
  19. So if uefa knew their evidence was a bit thin they hand out punishment they know will be contested. That way when their case gets kicked out and Man City get let back in they can claim that it was not their decision. Status quo maintained, and they can hide behind the “we tried to do the right thing” stance. If they had given a transfer ban, or a huge fine it probably would not have been appealed. This way they ensure Man City get away with a fine that will be recovered simply by being in the CL in appearance money. Everyone happy. Corruption or incompetence?
  20. Fa cup final 1969. I cried. I was 9 years old.
  21. Soton looking good. Fancy them to take points against Utd
  22. If we can't beat both of these then we really do not deserve top four. They are both dire. Bournemouth trying a few things but no cutting edge. Spurs are just, well spurs.
  23. bit of a barney there. was hoping a red might come out
  24. in an ideal world Liverpool (man City) Leicester Chelsea Man utd Wolves (win EL) Sheff utd Burnley That would put Wolves into CL and if anyone but Arsenal win the FA cup then Spurs and Arsenal have no European football at all next year. If man city ban gets overturned then UTD only get EL and places only go down to 7th.
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