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  1. Would just love to see on the media darlings (preferably Arsenal or Spurs) having to scrap it out at the bottom. The meltdown on SKy would be unbelievable. Not going to happen so i suppose the next best thing would be Leeds. I think it is going to be three out of Fulham, WBA (both looked doomed already) Leeds and Villa. Also think Brighton, and palace will struggle again this year. Sheff utd surprised everybody last year but it could be that they have been sussed and might end up in the mix also.
  2. Of course not but only if we replace like with like. The point here is we simply cannot keep raiding foreign clubs and need to be aware of the rules which are there to encourage clubs to bring their own talent through. Even with Hamza we are two short for EL unless we put a couple of kids in, which we would be unlikely to play. Let’s assume Ndidi was not injured who would we leave out? The two Most obvious would the senior statesmen such as Morgan or Fuchs, one of which of course is “homegrown” . All I am saying is that we need to be savvy in our future recruitment and make sure our acade
  3. just goes to show that when people on here start spouting off about how small, or lacking in depth our squad is they really have not thought it through. Ok we all thought that Papy was leaving, and maybe big Dan Amartey might be sold on but as it is we have no room at the inn. If we were to sell Gray and replace with someone from abroad we would then be down to our minimum required "home grown" contingent of eight. If we let Choudhary go we are even shorter for European competition as that would leave Barnes as the sole senior squad member qualifying as club trained now we have let Chilwell go
  4. we now have pace in all areas. Soy/Fofana would possibly be the quickest centre back pairing anywhere, Ricardo, Castagne, Barnes and Ünder wide, Vardy in the middle. Teams will be wetting the beds on a friday night when they have us coming up at the weekend.
  5. Why can these people just not accept that they were out thought, out played and out classed by a team who just happen to be in great form. There was no luck about it. I think it was the snooker player John Parrott who once said, when accused of being a "lucky" player, that its funny how much luckier i get the more i practice or words to that effect. It was obvious we had a game plan, one that we had practiced in training. Vardy said after the WBA game that he regualry practices his spot kicks, so on and so forth.
  6. For all round team play and an audacious finish i will go with Vardy. JV gets the plaudits for the outrageous back heel flick over the keeper but it was everything that made it possible that makes it a great goal. JJ pressing their defence into a hurried clearance, Amartey his reading of the situation and anticipating where the ball was going followed up with a lovely little cushioned header to YT. The quick interchange with Castagne, did anyone spot Praets running off the ball which created the space for Youri to pick his pass, and what a pass it was. Once again Timmy showing what a great sig
  7. Our kit man played a blinder sewing those pockets into our sides kit for JJ, mendy Castagne and vardy to put Mahrez, KDB Sterling and Rodri into respectively.
  8. Just heard his actual words on RL forum. What a d*ck. talk about sore loser. We had a game plan, suckered them in and then outplayed them. How can anyone think we didn’t want to play football? That was a masterclass. If KDB had done the turn from Mendy or the pass from YT they would have been slobbering about how brilliant it was.
  9. Mahrez and Maddison's goals were belters but Vardy's should win it not just for sheer audacity but for the build up that led to it. there was some great stuff in there, Amartey,s little controlled header, the little triangle to create the space for Yt to thread that ball through. if any of the usual suspects such as Liverpool had scored that we would never hear the end of it and it would be trailer for every sky game for the next couple of months.
  10. I was simply making the point that there is no need to post such crass insults regarding one who has been a great servant to the club. Maybe his time is passed but that is a different debate.
  11. I think that you will find that actually he is. In the strict sense he earns his living as a footballer therefore he is a professional. In the wider sense he is what most people would describe as a model professional, does what is demanded of him, doesn’t whinge or moan, cause trouble or disruption. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on players, and maybe he is no longer our best option under the current system but such ridiculous statements about someone who is a club legend is totally uncalled for. This is a player who has a premier league winners medal, scored our first ever CL goal and
  12. I can see KDB and Mahrez (if available) ripping JJ a new one just like they did Chilwell last year. I am certain that BR will have that in his thinking, so would not be surprised to see Castagne and JJ swap sides for this one or even putting Fuchs in as his defensive positional sense could be what we need. Barnes is definitely going to need to do more defensive work than we normally see from him however we line up at the back though. Still believe that if the central trio of Mendy, YT and Praet are on it like the first two games we can cause them some problems still. Think we could actually ge
  13. Said this before, plus with Barnes, Perez, albrighton an now ünder we can also switch wingers which gives us so many options either off the bench or during play we can pull teams who try the low block all over the place. We are looking like the real deal.
  14. What a signing Castagne. Mom for me today. Yt pass of the season contender. Mendy must be one of the tidiest players around, calm on the ball and always seems to have time to make a simple pass and set us going (not bad for a league 1 player at best according to some posters). despite all the doom and gloom pre season we have once again proved that we are a bloody good side even with several key players still missing. WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE. Ok only two games but are putting down a marker early doors. Actually confident for Man Citygame
  15. Totally agree. Whilst var checks everything if the ref had not called that First pen, which was great spot because if vardy had not been pulled down he was in for a tap in, then var would not have overturned his decision as it would not have been clear and obvious as a goal scoring oppourtunity as you say, apart from the pens and Justin yellow he was fairly unseen which is the sign of a decent ref. Makes the big calls but otherwise lets the game flow. Nothing worse than a pinicity one who blows for every little thing. I thought he was balanced and fair throughout.
  16. Pérez first to the clearance and his lay off actually made that goal. We are looking up for it this half. Can see us getting more
  17. Just pointing out that it is not a simple case of the manager sacking a member of the staff as the media would have people believe.
  18. In the modern world of work I presume any dismissal of a long standing member of staff would have to have been scrutinised and approved by the HR department. Employment law is a minefield and the consequences for wrongful dismissal can be significant. What a lot of people seem to forget is that the majority of staff at a football club beside the manager and players, who will be on fixed term contracts, are on standard contracts of employment. This means that, unlike managers etc.who can be removed from service simply by paying up the balance of their contract, others have the same safeguards
  19. My two penneth worth 1 we are not skint 2 Rudkin/Rodgers have not fallen out big time 3 Decent players are not reluctant to come here 4 The players have not turned on Rodgers 5 we are not going to be in a relegation battle 6 The lack of information coming out of the club does not mean that there is something being hidden Why do i think this? 1 he have just handed out some lucrative new contracts, are building a new training ground,have plans for extending the stadium and have just raked in £50M from Chelsea 2 Rodgers would have known exactly what
  20. Yeah can see this happening. If he doesn't get off to a flyer, scoring a hat trick and getting twenty assists in his first three games the knives will be out because he ain't a right winger, hasn't won the Ballon D'or, didn't cost £100M and is not called Messi or Mahrez. Personally i think he is a great signing but God help him if he makes a mistake or takes a while to settle. I know opinions will always be divided on players but we seem to go to extremes. Either they are the new messiah (Vardy, Mahrez, Cags) or they are simply not good enough for the local park side (Ghezzal, Mendy,
  21. Big up to the lad, fully deserves this opportunity and training with the full squad can only help his development. When we signed him i thought it was a bit of a punt, and he had a bit of a mixed start to be fair. A couple of decent cameos and a 'mare against Burton, but circumstances meant he had to be thrown in at the deep end in very difficult circumstances, middle of a restarted season, having recently lost his dad etc. Looked a little shakey at times, which is only to be expected from a young lad jumping two divisions, but he has shown that he is more than decent and right now is looking
  22. I too am optimistic for the forthcoming campaign. Whilst i accept many of @volpeazzurro points which are well made and balanced as opposed to the brainless rants of many of the doom and gloom merchants, i think we have what it takes to mount another serious assault on the top 6 again this time around. We have just, or so it appears, signed a quality versatile player, who the detractors seem to forget is in the squad of one of the highest ranked international sides (who we also have two other members of on the books). I also believe that our business is not finished yet this window and that
  23. my first footballing hero was David Nish. there have been some great LB's such as Pierce, Cole, Sammels over the years but Nishy was a great player. When i was still playing vets i always insisted on the N0.3 shirt. My first memory was the chant "We got Marty, Marty Feldman, Marty Feldman on the wing" when Rod Fern scored at my first match Vs Man Utd in 1968 (we won 2-1). We had Shilton, Nish, Cross,Glover. They had Charlton, Best Law. Two great sides. Worst Memory: lots but despite the relegation's, the one that sticks out and still hurts is losing the 1969 FA cup Final.
  24. This is spot on. Spurs/Arsenal had what they would class as poor seasons, never threatened the top four (or even top 6 for much of the season) but that does not necessarily mean they are in decline and going to be fighting relegation any time soon. I totally agree that we will find it hard to repeat 5th next season, but as long as we are in or around challenging for European spots that will still be progress. One swallow does not make a summer, as we discovered after our title win, two or three successive seasons challenging however, is something that we have not achieved in the past and sho
  25. Just watched that video. Need to find the Optrex now to get all that grit out of my eyes. For all the naysayers who diss this bloke on here they need to watch that. Three things Struck me as to just how much of an influence he has been at the club over the years. The obvious appreciation of his talents and endeavours on the pitch from his peers All the academy players saying what an inspiration he was in helping them to make the step up and how he was the first to reach out and welcome new players, and the clincher (i think it was Kasper who said it) - Even when the club
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