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  1. So Macia eventually found his way out of the revolving door! Anyone but that Lee bloke, sounds horrendous.
  2. Just beat Liverpool 5-0! top of the league after 4 matches, Ndidi is a mosnter, he's now got 4 in 4!
  3. Think each manager should have three VAR flags to chuck on and once they're used up, tough luck!
  4. Hill has a strike rate of 174! He could get a century off 60 balls at this rate...
  5. He's a right media whore at the moment! I wonder if he'd take our development squad... Would that be too small for him? If we paid him well and promised not to interfere and trusted him then I could imagine him enjoying quietly getting on and producing some gems over the years.
  6. Probably take a lashing on here for this but here goes. thought Chilwell was given too much praise in the highlight reel on MOTD tonight. They picked up on his only one good bit of play forward and obviously his assist but cared to ignore that Antonio had him on toast for most the match. It's almost he can do nothing wrong and all the pundits just seem to ignore how unreliable he is. I kind of feel myself becoming a bit of a Chilwell basher and it's unlike me to be like this with our players as I normally support each and one of them, even Gray and Nacho but I feel really frustrated that people think he is the finished article, he's bloody England No1 LB for christ sake! How on God's Earth has that happened? There's something about Chilwell that doesn't sit right with me - kind of like I'll wake up from the Truman Show/Matrix situation after me realising that he was programmed wrong into reality. I just can't connect with the guy's personality and really do feel he's hindering us both in attack and defence at the moment.
  7. Yeah he was involved nicely in the build up play for Barnes's goal.
  8. When you compare player by player against their starting line up we beat them in every position, apart from maybe the wide players who are more even.
  9. Collymore

    Papy Mendy

    ...Also Rodgers has said there might be a role for King still (who I happened to spot entering the KP against Newcastle in Leicester attire) so this transfer could make his return long term more likely.
  10. Collymore

    Papy Mendy

    Yeah, especially considering we'll have to try and balance the books for FFP if we are to sign Youri and attempt to hold on to BC and HM. I'd imagine somewhere in the region of £10m would be the price, which would be a help.
  11. Taylor and Klein forming a good partnership that is just about keeping us in it - a loss highly likely though. When you look at the other matches going on, no one ships wickets like Leics do, other sides seem to manage the middle order much better.
  12. Just watching the DA documentary now. Amazing that footage of the dad and son driving through the forest fire. I've found the footage on YouTube if anyone's interested.
  13. Leicester and him were made for each other for some reason. I hope one day our paths cross again.
  14. Chilwell has scored 0 and got 4 assists. To think of the amount of good positions he gets into I think that is an awful return. Although he's improved defensively, I don't think he's rock solid. Ricardo has offered nearly double in assists and goals than what Chilwell has and has probably got himself into half the good positions Chilwell has. I think Chilwell flatters to deceive.
  15. I felt that Chilwell especially was a hinderance against Newcastle - Some pulsating runs (again) with no end product that totally bypassed the midfield and nullified our threat. I can't understand how hopeless he still is in the final third, it's mind boggling that he hasn't improved at all. Maguire at times I find excruciating when he seems to think he can do a better job than Tielemans and Maddison when he ploughs forward with little end product only leaving himself out of position.
  16. Evans for Maguire Fuchs for Chilwell Two changes that I might controversially make if if I was manager answering to no one in the next match. That's possibly £150m amount of assets I'd be down valuing and broadcasting the point to the world. Don't think you could get away with fake injuries for very long... It's easier to do that at a bigger club like Man City and probably why we got our eyes taken out buying Nacho - it's easier to camouflage shite in a squad full of world class players. Not saying that Ben and Harry are ringers, just feel that possibly we're in a situation where we wouldn't dare let the world know they're not first name on the team sheet and we could suffer in the short term because of that...
  17. this is the trialist http://www.solihullmoorsfc.co.uk/teams/17518/player/dylan-barkers-2046270 Dylan Barkers Central Defender Biography: Academy defender Dylan Barkers is the latest youth prospect to have signed first team forms with the Club. The 18-year-old has been in and around the first team during the pre-season campaign and played a cameo role in the 3-0 victory at Tamworth. Standing at 6ft 4” tall, Barkers has been with Moors for a year and has acquitted himself well
  18. Rodgers said in his post match interview that he was pleased with Albrighton crossing it so much because that's what you do with a deep lying defence. Begs the question why are we not after a giant shithouse for these situations then for knock downs and headed goals.
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