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  1. Fussy eaters, people who have steak well done. People who go on come dine with me yet don’t eat fish or are fussy eaters. Mainly things to do with food annoy me.
  2. No food makes me gag as I am an adult. Dislike mushrooms though. Good shout re food turnarounds from @Miquel The Work Geordie though, black pudding is class.
  3. Why anyone would even watch this I have no idea let alone complain about it
  4. See what has annoyed you on the road thread
  5. Currently drinking a draft Verdant Loud Charge DIPA at Brew Ashby. Really good.
  6. My local has this on tap now alongside a great selection.
  7. Are they an item? I think Maddison will actually do better this season without Chilwell it is like working with your mrs.
  8. That tweet followed by those 2 replies hahahahaha
  9. Yeah you’re missing the fact that they are completely idiotic
  10. That was a clear pen by Man U’s standards
  11. Nice one I’m going away from 31st for a week but will stick it in the machine when I get back.
  12. Nice one let us know how it is. I have that and the lowenbrau one here but going to save them for a bit.
  13. This. Can’t get enough of them. Happy birthday Nige you absolute legend.
  14. I wanted to be a camera man for sky sports originally. Then when I was almost thrown straight in to choosing something for uni I went for property development which covered valuation, law, economics etc. I thought I would go in to residential valuation and worked in an estate agents after uni. However I didn’t really like it and didn't enjoy working all week and then Saturday so I left. Tried a few different things but then ended up as a trainee estimator for a company within the construction industry. We sell to the major and regional house builders. I have now been there 5 years an
  15. Does anyone know why craft beers have such crazy names? I assume it is because there are so many out there that they make they unique to avoid copyright issues etc. Either that or they are just taking the piss.
  16. Have you tried their extra brownie pints? It’s that but ramped up to 11% I think and delicious. Also I had a TIPA from them the other week which was amazing.
  17. Wow is that guy for real
  18. “The streets will never forget” ”rent free” ”on strings” “dub” just **** off.
  19. Never a pen you’re just on the wind up
  20. Peter Walton just disagreed with a ref decision I can’t ****ing believe it
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