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  1. Looks like Katie Hopkins had a hair cut and a diet of crack. Horrific shout man
  2. Oh man some of those. The pensioners, the citizens, the peacocks
  3. Ah yeah another good one. Tbf I should have gone all in and commented on every name as there is some decent ones amongst the shit.
  4. Ah yeah palace the eagles now that’s a good name.
  5. I have been thinking recently how lucky we are to have a good nickname. Foxes are magnificent elegant countryside animals. They are pretty cool when you compare them to things such as squirrels and badgers. Compare this to other teams. West Ham - The Irons? Well done something that takes creases out of shirts, terrible name. Man U - the Red Devil’s? Satanic. Liverpool - the reds? Wow a colour. Not the premier league but derby and forest the rams and trees I mean come on pathetic names.
  6. That was well awkward with joe hart. He was like the kid no one likes but the teacher said has to join the big boys, not good
  7. Bet it’s so awkward for fletch and mcmanamam holding each other’s suddenly limp dicks. Get over it chaps Lyon are causing a right stir!
  8. The commentators were gagging for him to argue it pathetic little bells
  9. Why are people confused about the goal being given? Nothing wrong with it at all. Please explain anyone who is not clued up on football.
  10. Ooooo let’s bring in Peter Walton, erm let’s not cos he is a right bell
  11. Why the hell is Steve mcmanamam on every single champions league commentary? It is a joke who is signing this off?! He is a right spaz
  12. Currently drinking BrewDog’s new double punk IPA. It’s ok nothing special though
  13. No wine thread stick it in here. What you drinking?
  14. Got the salted caramel cookie and the peanut butter jam barrel aged beers in stock here but saving them. Been on the lowenbrau on the perfect draft tonight.
  15. Got one of those along with a load more from Deya. Not tried any of their beers before so pretty excited.
  16. What the ****. I would fancy post lockdown Leicester against this shower of shit
  17. Wow they just gave that offside goal
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