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  1. Jake Hump said he "absolutely loves" us.
  2. The suggestion that Savage "absolutely loves" Leicester City always has to be considered with the mental picture of him kissing Derby's badge and the fact that he did not appear to give two craps about us or mention us all that much til we got good.
  3. This is the quietest match thread pre kickoff in a long long time. A sign that the selection is not controversial. COYB
  4. The foitballing authorities in Scotland would scream blue murder at the integrity of its competition being undermined. They are also terrified that the Scotland national team will lose recognition. Look at their approach to the Team GB Olympic side - they really didn't want Scotland players to take part. As such, I think there is little chance of a British Cup and any league restructuring suggestions which might damage the Scottish League Pyramid would be the subject of a lot of protest and representations to UEFA and FIFA. I suspect that the tal
  5. This is art. Bravo. I guffawed at the Huth cartoon which I had not previously seen.
  6. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were discussing their reaction to this breakaway thread and got quite excited about it. Unfortunately their high pitched squeals were above my hearing range, so I have no idea what they actually said. Next door's dog was going wappy, though.
  7. Rule L9. No rep farming without at least partly decent content, meme-sharing or emoticon use.
  8. Due to my missionary work in a third world country I hardly ever get to games and I am, by necessity, an armchair fan. I don't mind people extolling the virtues of "being there" but lay off people who can't.
  9. Southampton tried to give away a few penalties in the build up. They are running on empty.
  10. Come on Southampton. Last minute Ward-Prowse free kick on the edge of the area, please
  11. To be fair, Southampton's defence are asking for it and you wouldn't be surprised if Spurs actually go on to score.
  12. Bale and his extraordinary wages (and the fact that Real Madrid had him spending long chunks of time not even playing) are massively symptomatic of everything that kicked off a few days ago. It's difficult to root for him, even if he weren't playing for Spurs.
  13. I've got aches and pains older than Ryan Mason.
  14. If Brighton get a point, that card was almost worth it.
  15. 3 minutes of added on is like the officials saying "this is crap, let's end it".
  16. Take off and nuke their grounds from orbit.
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