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  1. Tielemans is only 24, another year at Leicester in the Europa League won't hurt really. He knew coming to Leicester wasn't a guarantee of Champions League football and he seems happy and settled. I don't see him pushing to go.
  2. West Ham should get 6th now with four points from WBA and Saints.
  3. Riyad has to tear Chilwell apart as he did at the Etihad 18 months ago. He has to. Do it Riyad.
  4. There's something very nice about left footed goals.
  5. It has been seriously hard having to focus on wanting Sam Allardyce and Sean Dyche to do well in these few days. Never again.
  6. Maddison although he's shown glimpses of excellence before his injury. We're always likely to lose one big player a season and they'll go to a better Champions League team even if we're there. It's when they prefer teams lower down without Europe that we should be concerned.
  7. We'd need to do it a lot of times to become permanent. If we're in a race for players with Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United then we'll pretty much always lose out- we lost Kante as League champions to a team not even in Europe that season. However, winning cups will hopefully give us an advantage over the likes of Everton and West Ham and we're pretty much guaranteed to be getting better European football than both next season. I can see the arguments for the Champions League being good for improving contracts and helping financially but, if it's on what you do on the pitch, we shoul
  8. Should still be in the squad. Has still been able to create for others whilst not being as clinical himself. We need a new spearhead though, he's carried us for long enough.
  9. Champions League is great in the short term but we'd need years of it to really become established and even then players will want to move. League titles and getting to finals are what matters to them. As for pushing the club, we need to reassess how we do things. Trim the wage bill hugely and be more sensible with the deals we hand out. It may need another big sale too.
  10. If we are in this position again next season I hope we have a gentler run-in. In the past six seasons we've played at least two of the Super League mob in the final three games of a campaign. Would actually be interesting to see how we hold up with three mid-table/ strugglers to finish.
  11. He just doesn't offer enough with the ball.
  12. Ricardo is one of the most mild players I've ever seen. To wind him up on more than one occasion takes some doing. I get the feeling Chilwell is not popular in the squad barring his friendship with Maddison.
  13. I found it more surprising Iheanacho was out given his goals and assists in the past two months.
  14. Let's just win the game. The regrets will come from earlier this season (probably this month), end the season on a positive.
  15. Iheanacho isn't really involved and he scores. Perez isn't and he misses. That's why I felt it was a huge risk not starting him.
  16. The Cup Final being played before the end of the season. It seems ridiculous that such a joyous and draining occasion can be enjoyed for a few hours before focusing on another match and players and managers, heroes a few days before, are back to being slagged off and criticised again. You should be able to revel in it for weeks.
  17. Deservedly lost, didn't play well enough. Glad the season is nearly over, been very draining. The game against Newcastle was the killer really. At least Chilwell gives the Chelsea game next year with a crowd in some spice.
  18. To think some on here were annoyed about the booing of Chilwell.
  19. Mike Dean stands there doing fvck all about it. Absolute shit.
  20. I've no idea what sparked that nonsense.
  21. Sky's pretend outrage at the Super League will clear soon.
  22. Dive from Chilwell. Hope Ricardo told him to fvck off.
  23. Not played well but we also look a squad that has been pushed to the limit this season. It's a shame but if we have lost Champions League football it wasn't tonight.
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