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  1. Oh yeah, they are struggling to get rid because of that long-term deal which was ludicrous to begin with but every job he's had since Norwich has been mediocre or worse.
  2. I know. If they are suggesting we're not a big six club (we aren't) because of our lack of trophies then how can they put themselves in a group with Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool then? Let alone above the likes of Aston Villa and Everton.
  3. 8 out of 10 every week... Until I turn up
  4. It is probably an attempt to compensate for the upheaval of shutting last spring and summer and missing the four months of classroom education. Plus it could well be a vote winner with parents. I have two issues with the schools going back- 1) That school staff haven't been vaccinated and are expected to work in full classrooms. Although children may not be severely affected by it they can still spread the thing, I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable going in and 2) It appears that schools reopening will drive decision making so if cases go up (as they will) everything else will be
  5. I liked how BT kept a fishing show on the main channel and shoved the two Champions League games to 2 and 3.
  6. The seats look tatty with the colour fading. I think it could do with a makeover.
  7. I have absolutely no idea what that second tweet actually means. Anyone?
  8. He's still living off his Norwich reign a decade ago. One hit wonder.
  9. Anyone who forgot Craig Hignett can't have been at the Arsenal match in 2003. What a finish and what a noise! Listen to that at 0:44:
  10. Yeah, I get the feeling he really loves being here, you don't hear him speak too much like Maddison or Schmeichel but everything about him screams settled and enjoyment.
  11. Agreed, I think we were fortunate (and it's a real positive) that we got the land so close to Filbert St so we didn't move too far but the stadium is an identikit of others which is a shame.
  12. Ah. I imagine celeb would probably include Jackie Weaver or somebody who once appeared in the background of Antiques Roadshow so just making sure.
  13. Looks like Everton will be on the move in the near future: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-56076581 Their fans seem fully behind it.
  14. His groin often cause him issues, doesn't it? Surely we'd have tried to fix it during his hernia lay-off?
  15. Great point by Marina Hyde that proper no-marks like Paul Burrell still live off the royal name yet we have to hear his opinion every time Meghan leaves the house as though he's got some kind of gravitas?
  16. How can we get to zero infections? Nobody would be allowed to leave the house in that case which is impossible to keep the country going. Again, you've got convince people to comply by persuading them it's a good idea. How long will it last for? What would the restrictions be? It'll be impossible to implement.
  17. Is that still going on? Bloody hell.
  18. I think they'll just have enough over Fulham to stay up but it won't be pretty or plain sailing. They have to ditch Bruce because they might not get away with it a third time.
  19. There seems to be a new fad of playing 90's songs on current adverts. Boom Shak a Lak on some shampoo advert and Stand By Me by Oasis on something else.
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