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  1. I really hope the rest remain and all the English teams have to pay £300 million each.
  2. So far, we've had one team confirm they aren't taking part.
  3. "It's been a great day for the Premier League". Oh seriously **** off Tyler. It's been a terrible two days for the Premier League. This is a dreadful situation.
  4. Tyler earlier- "Zouma with a boomer!" **** it, bring on the Super League on Men and Motors presented by Danny Dyer. I can't take this anymore.
  5. The fact they've signalled intentions to leave must mean they've signed up to it.
  6. Rotherham don't win enough big games, they've lost at home to Wycombe, Coventry and Birmingham in the past two weeks. Derby will just about survive.
  7. I'm amazed at how quickly these things unravel. You'd think it would be fine tooth combed and on proper foundations but it seems this was built on quicksand.
  8. There must be some ramifications with the organisers, surely? This was well beyond a threat- they'd resigned from the ECA, statements were put out that it was happening as soon as practicable, they can't just walk away from this. They must have signed contracts. I'd imagine the backers will want compensating.
  9. League is created on Sunday Take all the shit on Monday Whole thing cancelled on Tuesday Craig David's Two Days- Super League remix
  10. Oh how I hope they all start turning against and suing each other.
  11. They all need to be hit in some way. This isn't a noble gesture. This whole concept was (and could still be) extremely damaging to football and competition. Everyone involved should be sanctioned.
  12. Sky seemingly aghast at the behaviour of the Big Six. A moniker they created.
  13. Of the 12 clubs in the Super League, the media said to me, The first one out is Chelsea.
  14. This whole thing is about four clubs- Man United, Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid. If two of those walked away the thing goes with it. The contemporary club wouldn't want a league without the biggest match. Juventus have Ronaldo which increases their pull but still way off the others. People around the world are not desperate to watch Tottenham Hotspur. They are barely an elite game in this country for most teams. The world viewers want the massive names in terms of clubs and players. Half this lot are fillers. If Bayern Munich said "we're in" and it was restricted to 12 Totte
  15. We've got to get the fans seriously involved, nothing will majorly change until that point. From there, plenty of scope for change.
  16. So we've had the crying about the TV rights not being fair, the Project Big Picture and now the Super League. What is next from these poverty pleading clubs? They are clearly struggling and need support.
  17. All Premier League clubs would be up for the Super League if they had the status and the clout.
  18. Man City, they never seemed convinced if they were late to join. Guardiola's comments today didn't strike as somebody at a club who is mad keen for this.
  19. I don't think they can be kicked out, you'll need 15 votes. I cannot see how they can play in the Champions League or any UEFA competition next season after all this even if this project collapses (which I think is looking more likely).
  20. Oh what a surprise, what was a lot of good content and opinions ends up with a "row" between Gary Neville and a Liverpool figure.
  21. We'll then have to accept these clubs staying in and demanding even more than they've got already with hundreds more millions in the bank. The league will be tedious and predictable. We'd be able to achieve nothing along with 14 others.
  22. If they do leave the value of the TV deal decreases, no question about that. However, on the flip side, clubs will be able to spend less on transfer fees and wages. That's the problem currently, you pretty much have to overspend to compete with richer clubs. If that facility goes you won't need to pay top dollar prices, plus you could probably flog your best players for more to these twats. No-one might need to pay £30 to watch games as the price will come down. It is all relative, we pay more in ticket prices to pay more to players and managers. It could be better regu
  23. Draw is probably best when we've no idea whose results we are looking out for.
  24. Yeah, just can't get into it. Don't see how Liverpool can play in the Champions League from here after all that has happened. How will qualification for it be decided? We're watching a game where we've no idea what the outcome brings.
  25. Wouldn't mean anything. We've not been the best team.
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