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  1. I'd imagine any new manager would rather have Kane. Him going would be a huge task for the next manager to deal with.
  2. A real shame they were one of the Super League lot. Would've loved someone like Sevilla to win the league after that.
  3. Our crowds down there weren't special for a team at the top for most of the season. God knows what they'd have been in a 4th year.
  4. I know fans not being there means it's not impacted us physically but there still was plenty of space for a couple, as Koke said. Worse for me was the amount of 7/7.15pm Sunday games which is a dreadful kick-off time.
  5. Hopefully he's done now and his miserable bitterness combined with his shit football are out of the game for good.
  6. Absolutely brilliant from Callum. What an achievement.
  7. And he finished 5th. He qualified for Europe through three different routes in the same season. Amazing.
  8. The Sun, as picked up by Football365, have no idea what is happening. Two weeks ago the finances of getting Rodgers scared them off, now they are interested again.
  9. Excellent stuff- Begovic and co deserve it for their blatant shithousery. Look at that bloke trying to get Toney sent off for nothing.
  10. These people don't have the first clue. Fans should be left wanting more, not less. The World Cup should be an event that isn't regular, you savour the atmosphere and the tension knowing you've got to wait a while for the next one. This would be overkill.
  11. Begovic is seeing red today, he'll do something mad or the ref will tire of his time wasting.
  12. Bournemouth falling apart here. Brentford have to win this now.
  13. This Bournemouth team look a right bunch of twats.
  14. We live in different worlds, that's the thing. The Champions League is the be all and end all for some. Not for me. A great bonus if we get there but any sort of European football is fine.
  15. Probably the best shot blocker I've seen, used to throw his body in the way of so many shots. Put his body on the line for the club.
  16. Dilutes the quality. World Cups should be rare events in footballing terms.
  17. £40 million is a huge amount at the moment. I can't see any of those spending it on one player.
  18. Bristol City seems logical, he was first choice under Pearson during his time here. Nige loved him.
  19. Tielemans 1st Justin (Sep to Feb) and Iheanacho (Feb to May) combined 2nd
  20. No manager will ever come out and say it's failure. I'd imagine in private it is a lot different.
  21. He was part of the Premier League creation which introduced them. Simon Jordan has called him out on this many times.
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