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  1. Our players playing for England would be great but Barnes needs a rest this summer after the season he'll have had, maybe the next World Cup is a better target.
  2. We've been spoilt by how clinical he's been in front of goal. His general link-up play was fine today but the finishing isn't. We need strong competition in the squad with the strikers and not playing every week will help Vardy in the future.
  3. 5 goals and 4 assists since New Year's Day in the Premier League.
  4. In a perverse way, Vardy has looked worse when he's been involved recently. The sharpness in taking chances hasn't been right this season, his general all-round play has been decent though and he still occupies defenders.
  5. We've gained three points on Liverpool, two on Chelsea and not lost out to West Ham or (as expected) Man United. Very good weekend.
  6. He's going to play a lot in the next few years- if he develops it allows us to play Ricardo and Castagne together which is huge.
  7. That second half lasted an age, we weren't under serious pressure but giving a shit goal away made it nervier. First half was very good. Thomas and Barnes exceptional.
  8. Settled down again now, hope we can get another soon.
  9. Played in slow motion, good back-up for a couple of years to be fair. All the players love Nige, don't they? I'm sure everyone of these with players from 2011-2015 say he's the best manager they've worked for.
  10. They are missing Cash at right back hugely as well, Thomas and Barnes have had too much space down that side.
  11. Really good half, restricted them to few chances and always a threat going forward.
  12. On his left foot again.
  13. Excellent 30 minutes, played some lovely football and the play down in our right-back area before the first was superb.
  14. I bet Mourinho is glad the League Cup final has been moved. If he'd lost that next week he'd be out.
  15. Very attacking line-up, glad Ricardo is further up the pitch and Castagne is back.
  16. It's a boost for us but they've still good players who can hurt us, think it will tight whatever the line-ups.
  17. Yeah, it's going to take a lot to get Rodgers over there. Chelsea is more realistic if he goes presently.
  18. Lovely thought but not right. We need to focus on getting fans back into club matches first.
  19. Ex-pros would be the worst choice. They might "know the game" but they know all the dark arts as well and we'll still be in a position when people are complaining. We forever hear them lament "you can't do that nowadays" so it wouldn't work with the modern interpretations. You'll never please everyone and especially not with subjective decisions.
  20. I'm glad MOTD agree with my view that the Areola/ Bogle challenge was a penalty.
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