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  1. Bloke on the radio said Pearson will be delighted to get to half-time. So are we so we can avoid it for 15 minutes.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of his defending at times but yesterday he wasn't given anywhere near enough support. In these games he needs Albrighton in front of him.
  3. Is the one on Barnes not a penalty? I know the ball went well wide but we've seen players taken out after the ball has gone before and a foul given. Let's say, for example, he flicks it over the keeper and could well head it in but is taken out and a defender gets back to clear, that would surely be given. Why wasn't yesterday's?
  4. Only really Schmeichel, Vardy and Evans can take positives out of that- all played well to varying degrees, Vardy had few moments but in each of them was a threat, beat defenders twice before nearly scoring and just evading Barnes, another great cross that Barnes should've done better with and a superb goal. He really is a top striker in outstanding form. Schmeichel made some good saves and Evans was more solid out of the two centre-backs. Apart from that, we gave them too much space, Chilwell and Ndidi almost doing the jobs of two players. Maddison, Tielemans, Perez, Barnes all d
  5. Chilwell hasn't been great but he's covering two players, Barnes isn't offering enough help. Albrighton isn't as good going forward as Barnes but he'd help out defensively.
  6. Far too much room in the middle and down the sides, it can't continue. Don't think it was a penalty but the scoreline is correct.
  7. Any decent streams with local women wanting to meet tonight?
  8. They should be beating us. That there is real doubt shows how well we've done.
  9. Don't like him or his football but Dyche justifies the hype far more than Eddie Howe.
  10. Could be a bad week for Villa, defeat today with Norwich at home on Boxing Day, lose both and that is very damaging.
  11. at Ferguson punching the air. Hopefully he's as pleased as us that the shitfest is over.
  12. Plus the fact that the second round takes up four separate midweeks in February and March.
  13. At no other time of the season do you play twice in 48 hours, the match should be on the Sunday or not at all. Why the Christmas schedule appears to not adhere to this is beyond me.
  14. More than likely it will have been his last game but a shame that it was that shambles at Newport. He deserved a better finale than that. I know sentiment shouldn't come into it but I wouldn't be against a small cameo in the Wigan match and then he leaves for a new career.
  15. The bloke just phones it in. Waste of money as a pundit.
  16. In terms of home games, pleased with that. Expected both to be on TV so for both to remain on Saturday is a plus. Two Friday aways aren't great, though hopefully Norwich won't be needed this time. We must be beating our record for live TV games in a season this year, can't remember us having this many on plus you'd expect several from March onwards to be live as well.
  17. Yet we're small time, apparently. Probably just guilt for pushing two title winning managers out of the door themselves, Pellegrini's farewell speech was given in front of loads of empty seats.
  18. This is my view- isn't it just a bit outdated now? Enough of the country is struggling- I mean, Union FS set up their own Foodbank collection back in January to help local people in Leicester- to make the song lose it's supposed edge. And Everton fans are no angels, it isn't a defence of them in any way, I just think songs about poverty and politics aren't needed in football grounds, as others have put very well before.
  19. Are we really singing Feed the Scousers? Just shit.
  20. Honestly, anyone who thinks this trophy is tinpot, this quote will change your outlook- ‘I love Christmas, but we can’t forget the Carabao Cup at this time of year. https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/18/chris-kamara-strictly-dreams-outselling-liam-payne-legacy-unbelievable-jeff-11927832/
  21. If we're serious about being a successful club these are things we have to consider about the squad. We need serious depth going forward if we have European football next season- we didn't cope too well last time. At least we have a manager experienced in all this, however.
  22. 45 minutes ago we were a bunch of bottlers heading out in disgrace and now we are virtually in the final This forum is brilliant.
  23. We have to win it to guarantee qualification.
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