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Match Ratings : Manchester United 2-0 Leicester City - Vote Now

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Tough to rate because I didn't think we were that bad. Half the team was good and the rest poo, mostly from inability to pass a ball to a teammate but also Shakespeare making the usual 442 away from home against big team mistake. Honestly forgot Albrighton even played so it was tough to rate him, can't remember him touching the ball once. 


8 - Maguire, Morgan - Thought they were both solid and didn't do anything wrong. 

7 - Mahrez, Schmeichel

6 - King, Simpson, Fuchs, Gray

5 - Everyone else. 

Slim N/A

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Kasper - 8 : Can't blame him too much for conceding two goals, had a sensational game overall. Plus stopped a penalty.  

Danny Simpson - 6 : Played decently overall, but gave up a penalty

Wes - 7 : Solid as a rock and good on the air

Maguire - 8 : This guy's a beast, gonna have a mental season

Fuchs - 7 : Was very good. Lost his markers a few times, but managed to correct his mistakes

Mahrez - 8 : Was definitely the most dangerous in a blue shirt. Unfortunately, no end result. He's on the right path. 

Matty James - 7 - Played well to keep possession

Ndidi - 5  - Really messed up by not marking Rashford

Albrighton - 6 - Pretty quiet in the attack, but tracked back well

Shinji - 6 - Pretty hardworking defensively, but didn't contribute much in the attack

Vardy - 6 - Good runs, but couldn't beat Mourinho's defense 


Gray - - Doesn't always  cross, but when he does.. they're terrible. So many wasted opportunities on terrible shots. Not ready to play versus the big boys

Slimani - 5.5 - Good passes, nothing special from his little cameo








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Kasper - 8 : The main reason why we didn't drown in the first half and went home with only two in the bag. Great penalty save.

Danny Simpson (edited) - 5 : Decent defensive display. At fault for the second though.

Wes - 6 : Was honestly expecting a far worse performance from him.

Maguire - 8 : Had Lukaku in his pocket the whole game. Proving every game how invaluable it is to have a defender comfortable with the ball. Class.

Fuchs - 6 

Mahrez - 7.5 : Main attack threat. Defended well. Could have been less greedy on one or two opportunities.

Matty James - 5.5 - Did okay in a midfield two against one of the finest in league.

Ndidi - 4  - Not his best game. By far. Switched off for the first and overall bad decision making and passing.

Albrighton - 5 - Anonymous. Doesn't happen often.

Shinji - 4.5 - Predictably bullied. Ran to the ground albeit with no effect whatsoever.

Vardy - 6 - Quiet game. Isolated upfront and well overwatched by Jones.


Gray - 5 Immediately weighted on their flank but bad decision making. A pity.

King - 5

Slimani - 5


Shakespeare 6 - Better subs than against Arsenal although it should have been Slim for Shinji. Still think we should have played with a more agressive set-up, with Slim on the pitch from the very start.


I don't buy what some might say about the gun ho attitude. If it weren't for Kasper and Pogba's blindness it could have easily been 4-0 down at the first half. The second wasn't really better as they steam rolled us in the midfield. The score is actually more flattering than most would like to admit. I don't mind losing 6-2 if it means trying something different, given that we're not getting any point anyway.

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Schmeichel - 9 - Could've and maybe should've had a stronger hand for Rashford's shot which was straight at him. Otherwise a flawless performance. Distribution a bit wayward, but that wasn't the reason we couldn't keep the ball for more than a few seconds.


Simpson - 4 - Maybe a bit harsh considering his role in keeping it 0-0 for 70 minutes, but he was partly at fault for the penalty, largely at fault for the second goal and when he pushed up as we were chasing the game, he suffered from vertigo like he usually does beyond the halfway line. Was at fault for the Pogba chance first half and also involved in a mixup with James when they couldn't communicate who should clear it.


Morgan - 5 - Was solid at the back for the most part. His distribution was poor and eventually their pressure told. Maybe a bit harsh again, but seeing as we conceded twice and he didn't offer anything else, well... it's tough to rate him higher.


Maguire - 7 - Had a very good game until Rashford's goal. He got royally pulled around by Lingard in the buildup for their second goal. But he was colossal otherwise and was very calm with his distribution, even bringing the ball forward at times.


Fuchs - 5 - Didn't offer a great deal going forward and had his hands full defensively. Combative as always and was one of the better ones with the ball, though that's not saying much.


Mahrez - 6 - Tried and looked sharp. Best player on the ball by some distance. Made some really nice runs and was the biggest worry for the Utd defense.


James - 5 - Lots of industry, little to show for it. He struggled against the three of Pogba, Mata and Matic (who was quality!) as you'd expect. Misplaced a few passes and didn't offer much of a threat. Was disciplined which helped hold Utd at bay for that long.


Ndidi - 5 - A few too many mistakes and poor decision making for my liking. Like James, struggled to compete with their midfield. Even worse when in possession, but he still has a great engine which helped out the defense a lot.


Albrighton - 5 - Got little service, was closely watched and struggled to make an impact all game. Disappointing to see him this subdued after what we've come to expect from him under Shakespeare.


Okazaki - 5 - Got so much stick in the match thread, which I really couldn't understand. Apart from a missed through ball to Mahrez first half (which, with his new found scoring form, I don't blame him taking that on) he did OK. Rightly subbed as we struggled to get a foothold in midfield.


Vardy - 5 - Didn't do much wrong really. Did his typical stuff and actually did alright with the very sparse service he got. He did find his match in Bailly and Jones, who had his number.


King - 5 - His introduction changed the game, as we finally started to threaten in attack. The extra body in midfield helped, but it wasn't enough to deal with Man Utd's subs. Great chance at the end and thought he applied a fine finish, just a shame De Gea was equal to it.


Gray - 5 - The catalyst in attack when he came on. Sadly, he didn't live up to his Sheff Utd performance. He could've put it on a plate for Mahrez, but once more his end product and decision making was lacking. Had a couple of good crosses, notably for King's chance, but he was in no man's land for Rashford's goal. He was literally just waiting for Mkhitaryan to kick it and run the counter. I know he's not known for his defending, but you kind of feel Albrighton would've reacted to four teammates pointing and shouting for someone to mark Rashford.


Slimani - N/A - Didn't really have an impact. Not long enough to assess.


Shakespeare - 5 - Nothing wrong with the game plan, trying to frustrate Man Utd and hit them on the counter. Should've reacted earlier to the dominance Utd were exerting. Bringing King on worked alright, but it was optimistic to believe James and Ndidi would get much joy against that midfield. We desperately need to sort out our set piece defending. Conceding three goals from corners in three games is not good enough.

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Schmeichel - Great penalty safe. Maybe could be done better with the first - 7


Simpson - Solid. - 6

Maguire - Honestly think I must've watched a different player to everyone else. Was bullied throughout the first half and virtually every Man Utd chance came from a direct result of his mistake. Did improve a lot 2nd half but Wes Morgan would've been slaughtered if he's put in that first half performance. - 5

Morgan - Thought he was pur best player - 8

Fuchs - Thought he did well


Albrighton - His weakest game in quite a while just couldn't get into it - 5

James - He's not Premier League standard - 4

Ndidi - Another who had a poor game by his own standards. - 4

Mahrez - Looked like our only threat going forward - 7


Okazaki - Also really couldn't get into the game - 5

Vardy - to be fair isolated, but he still wasn't switched on enough in the rare occasions opportunity did knock, thinking of a poor puece of control when he was through in the first half in particular.


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Kasper 8 - Kept us in the game

Simpson 5.5 - Worked hard but exposed badly at times

Wes 7 - solid, especially heading clear, and actually ventured forward with ball at times. Fostered good spirit.

Maguire 7 - Caught out of position on odd occasion defensively but a real asset, much needed.

Fuchs 5.5 - as Simpson

Mahrez 6.5 - still needs to track back better in my opinion but a threat at times

Matty James 5.5 - Worked hard, if a little off the pace at times and struggled with Ndidi to counteract superior numbers

Ndidi 4 - Not at the races. Hesitant in the challenges, seemed off the pace, and bullied physically by Matic and Pogba. Largely his fault for opener though not entirely.

Albrighton 4.5 - Disappointingly anonymous

Okazaki 5 - Ran around a lot and started ok but faded quickly

Vardy - 5.5 Looked injured and well shepherded with little supply


Gray 6 - Too greedy for some and missed the killer ball to Mahrez. But went forward with intent and was a threat.

King 5 - King like

Slimani 5.5 - tried hard in difficult circumstances


Shakespeare 6 - Set us up well defensively on the whole but too deep to have any offensive impact.

Manchester United 7 - not as good as some on here would have you believe. Little troubled by us offensively.

Oliver 7.5 - solid showing

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Guest MattP

8 - Maguire, Mahrez

7 - Kasper, Morgan

6 - Vardy, Albrighton, Simpson, Fuchs

5 - Okazaki, James

4 - Ndidi


Centre midfield a real worry against anyone decent, missing Drinkwater bigtime.


Substitutions a little strange yet again. Been an interesting start that's for sure.

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Kasper 7 - Might be slightly disappointed with first goal but it wasn't his fault. Saved a pen, overall good.


Simpson 6 - Thought he defended well, especially given how much of a threat Martiall was to us yet again.

Morgan 6 - Missed one header that's all I recall, otherwise solid I think.

Maguire 6 - Solid really.

Fuchs 6


Mahrez 7 - MOTM for us. Our only attacking threat. Willing to run at them.

James 5 - Hasn't got enough to keep getting backward and forward (in a two).

Ndidi 5

Albrighton 5 - We looked much better when Gray and Mahrez both played.


Okazaki 6 - Made the wrong choice at a key time when he shot instead of playing in either Mahrez or Vardy.

Vardy 6 - In Bailley's back pocket again.


Shakespeare 4 - Set us up to contain. We basically were waiting for them to score.

United 6 - Average plus given how much they spent.

Referee Oliver 4 - So biased towards them. Seemed intimidated. 

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Kasper 8 Another good performance 


Simpson 6 Thought he did pretty well up against an in form Martial. Unlucky with the pen 


Morgan 6 Generally did well up against Lukaku although looked slow on ocassion 


Maguire 7 Pick of the back 4


Fuchs 6 Solid enough 


Mahrez 8 MOTM Magical again. Must get so frustrated at playing in a side that keep so little of the ball against the top sides. We will not be able to keep him 


James 4 Desperately short of pace and the ability to carry the ball or even play a forward pass. 


Ndidi 4 Lacking confidence and shirking challenges. 


*Disclaimer for above 2: They were up against the best central midfield in the league and were exposed *


Albrighton 5 Should have been replaced earlier. Poor game 


Okazaki 4 Atrocious. Lost count of the number of times he gave the ball away


Vardy 5 Isolated but fluffed the one chance he did get. Maybe not 100% fit?



Demarai Gray was very good when he came on bar the missed early ball to Mahrez. We were able to get much higher up the pitch with him involved. Please don't sell him. 


Islam Slimani also put himself about really well when he came on. I think that's the last game we will see him play for us though. 


I said it post the Arsenal game, we will not pick up anything against the top sides away from home unless we can keep the ball better. 

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