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  1. Was only watching on tv but eerily quiet in the stadium when he was down.
  2. Time to burst our shítty little bubble. 2-1 Barnes + Chilwell
  3. I prefer we've, "offered a glimmer of hope for poor old man utd"
  4. Least it may deter the big teams from signing him in the summer. Actually, they probably like that about him. Must be a bastard to play against coupled with the fact he is also quality when he stays on his feet. And yes, i am defending him because he's a leicester player despite being a cheat.
  5. Bad form but the players have lost motivation. Simple as that. Weve just wanked all over ourselves but chelsea lost and man utd probably will too. We are too comfortable and fodder for teams prepared to dig in.
  6. Bottled it against the mighty Burnley. Well done lads.
  7. Both teams poor so im just happy we're winning.
  8. These will come for a point, they are fighting for survival whereas we are comfortable top 4 with an eye on the cup semi. 1-1
  9. Ford fusion. Just thought where else could that much water possibly come from. Ive checked fluid levels which seem fine and door seals also fine. Now im thinking water has to be getting in via the tyre wells. Havent checked them yet and would prefer a garage to have a proper look.
  10. My car floor is wet through. Soaking. The carpet visibly wet but push down on it and the water rises. Most likely leaking/clogged engine coolant thingy so i'll get a garage to have a look but does anyone have a rough idea how much this will cost to repair?
  11. Reminds me of myself when i was a defender. I was a bit better obviously but still..
  12. If i had an accumulator on say, 6 matches all ending in draws. Would i be able to cash out after 5 mins when its highly likely all matches would be drawing?
  13. Bias Big club Media Commentator Pundit Referee VAR
  14. Unless they are paying you thousands. Money is money.
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