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  1. I think amartey or albrighton would be used in that situation.
  2. Justin wont play a league game for us this season. I hate when the big clubs stockpile the best players.
  3. Leprechaun Returns: fűcking terrible
  4. What a loader bôllocks (That ones not been done yet, has it?)
  5. Keep this up lads and afghanistan are gonna need a cricket score.
  6. Meanwhile on the left, albrighton running forwards, then backwards a bit, little circle, fall down-get up again, finish with a nice head down golf swing to an 8 foot vardy.
  7. Think thats why i never really liked star wars. My dad would make me watch it and i was bored as hell.
  8. Booing nacho has spiked the ratios
  9. Unless he goes to benidorm
  10. Offer maguire to man city for a cut price 60m with a free nacho
  11. Nah they'll wait until everton bid 12m, then make a shrewd 45m bid.
  12. Even andy gray wouldnt touch some of these Cameroonians
  13. Netherlands v cameroon is a cracking game so far
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