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  1. Seem to be a few threating that 5th place wont be good enough as Man Citys ban will be rescinded. Surely UEFA wont cave, it would set a precedent that breaching FFP goes almost unpunished.
  2. You could argue it was the first half of the season that crushed them. They simply struggled to maintain their lofty position so missing out on the champions league would be a valuable lesson learned. Its not like its been taken away from us overnight. Its been a steady decline but it is STILL in our hands.
  3. Should use games like this to add to our GD. 3-0 - Iheanacho, Tielemans and Perez.
  4. As long as 5th gets a champions league spot id gladly take it. Dunno how covid will affect next seasons champions league but will it still be AS lucrative as before?
  5. Zero confidence for this Please God...
  6. Have that as the forum banner and the leicester city thread is complete for this season
  7. Just rusty after the lockdown break, still a handful of games to turn it around though
  8. The bird on childrens tv show, "Maddie, do you know". I cant find a picture where she isnt gurning or taking a dump though
  9. Maddison at a push. Perez makes a good ugly woman.
  10. Actually we are accustomed to a quiet KP, the title is still on!!
  11. Remember wearing that in training, doing a diving header and landing in mud. The walkers crisps lettering never recovered from that
  12. Hmm, if he is leaving id rather it was his decision rather than us thinking we dont need him. He would be key in a squad that had european commitments. Its not like he would only get minutes in domestic cup competitions. Surely he'd get plenty of league games when others are tired or injured?
  13. Me too, Di Caprio, Pitt and Robbie really carried a meh storyline. The ending was fun but typically OTT.
  14. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    Weather forcasts are quite reliable.....
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