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  1. The players believed and although many other factors contributed, the belief saw it home.
  2. tired of waiting for amartey to man up. LOAN
  3. oh mendy u came and your ankle went bendy but to ranieri i dont want to sendy *i have a feeling though mendy isnt quite the type of midfielder shakespeare wants
  4. wound the windows down......... it was noisy though
  5. hate when radio stations play shortened versions of songs after they've been around for a while. why bother playing them at all if they just cut a whole verse out?
  6. its obvious we need several new players and if we get them shakespeare will be fine. pick the best managers in the game and task them with improving with our current squad and they'd fail.
  7. this thread is chocfull of puns and not to revel in the mayhem but i had a bag of them on friday and they have minstels in them.
  8. bit like sunderlands premier league history then
  9. kirchoff is no worse than what we have surely???????????
  10. didnt know riyads agent worked for the guardian
  11. Steve Walsh possibly. claudio is history and shakespeare is confirmed. why not?
  12. To be fair if they are publishing shìt on Twitter.....