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  1. This applies to me apart from im 36 and dont have a pension
  2. I did it. However, i used my thumb so i............. Win?
  3. Stolen from someones doorstep while doing my morning paper round.
  4. Expensive cover. Did we sign him knowing he would struggle with the language and take maybe 1-2 seasons prep for the first team or was it just a surprise?
  5. This is what its all about..late winners scored by past it legends away to mighty burnley and with just 10 men! 41 points, we are staying up! 2 wins in a row, we are invincible!
  6. I'd be happy with a win and pissėd off with a draw. That said, i think we'll lose 2-0.
  7. Fan of gervais but i didnt laugh through the season. Not to say i didnt enjoy it but it seems like we're supposed to sympathise with the character rather than laugh.
  8. Who also like coming from behind...
  9. Afraid we may be dreaming about a permanent deal. But ive been wrong before...
  10. He will surely become our 4th highest scorer. How many does he need for 100 premier league goals?
  11. Could be argued that vardys total contributions plus whatever else he does in the rest of his leicester career far outweigh mahrez, financially at least.
  12. Just glad they won. Will be drinking to celebrate rather than drown sorrows
  13. Risky. Mind you, Wes has been the glue holding our impressive form together this season...
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