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  1. Slimani back to Sporting or Watford?

    It's quite the dilemma, Sell him back to sporting for 6M or a swap to Watford for a signed pair of troy deeney's boots? Over to you, Rudkin.....
  2. Schmeichel wins Leicester motm for his starfish save. That's how turd we were. Gray huffed and puffed. Mahrez back to his worst. I've almost wiped this game from my memory now though.
  3. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Positives: ndidi can have a rest. : .............................................................................
  4. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Credit to palace but where the hell did that shower of a "performance" come from? These things happen in football but quite bizarre just how disinterested we were.
  5. Palace Home Match Thread

    What the **** is wrong?? Take nothing away from palace they have been tidy and far the better team but we are so disinterested. Unforgivable.
  6. Palace Home Match Thread

    Not even christmas but look like we're on the beach. Only Leicester can go from sublime to pathetic. All we need now is a goal from Jeff.
  7. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    yes! **** you all
  8. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    can we have a separate thread stream queries, im trying to read the not quite live match whingeing.
  9. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    im ok with that but when the change is andy king its just a painful reminder that we fudged the silva deal. its like i have adriens balls dangling in front of me but im not allowed to lick them.
  10. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    calm down guys, it probably wont be one of the games where andy king brings fook all. yeah if you want a workman like safe pair of hands to keep it tight but not offer any attacking threat then king is your man. some of us will see this as a winnable game though and it means either puel is going safety first or iborra is not 100%. burnley, we are coming for you, it just might take a while.
  11. What floats my boat.....

    .........and then blow it up
  12. Songs that make you cringe ?

    Mauled by the tigers
  13. Iheanacho

    what do you expect, he was living in a penthouse in manchester and now has a maisonette in braunstone
  14. Iheanacho

    nigerian footballers are known for lying about their waist sizes...