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  1. I always thought there was something funny about him
  2. Rogers obviously told them to keep it simple else we'd have barcelona come knocking..
  3. The fa have their agenda so will only ever appoint a yes man. I know its easy for me to say because i will never be in that situation but if i were a young player i would avoid the whole england set up. Youre representing your country. You should have to earn it by consistently proving you are the best at what you do.
  4. Vardy has been immense for us because he is our game plan. Times when we havent played to his strengths he has looked pedestrian. Relying on Vardy is a risk as we have no direct replacement and next to nothing in back up options. We cant say the risk hasnt been worth it over the years though and what a player, what a legend, what a man he is for us!! I think its fair to say IF the likes of Barca, Real, Juve played to his strengths he would be just as successful.
  5. Why is 4th place unbeaten after 3 games relevant yet slagging players and managers after 3 games is frowned upon?
  6. 100 million (pages in transfer talk)
  7. Why dont they have the kiosks hand them to you as you present your ticket?
  8. Satisfied with that after a disgusting first half. Coulda wont it. MEH
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