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  1. Arsenal will play their C team and we barely have a B team so looks like another win!
  2. The pass gets bonus points cause its almost teasing the defender as it rolls past him
  3. He's been the weak link last 2 games but mistakes are ok as long as he learns.
  4. Yeah my language is almost acceptable watching leicester now
  5. For our first goal tonight, Kane would have absolutely gone for goal and maybe hit the side net or squeeze it in and take all the plaudits. For a millisecond it was on but vards was intelligent enough to realise it was gone and unselfish enough to try and create a chance for someone else.
  6. Think we proved last season potential means **** all. Agree we are right sexy at the moment
  7. When we're in the mood our passing is as good or better than anything in this league. Thank you lads, you've made me happy for at least another week
  8. Haha all this means is they've won 2 in a row while others havent played yet.
  9. Has he ever mentioned being a manager??? Cant imagine him even considering it.
  10. I put £200 on us to go down the year before when we looked doomed. Probably what saved us
  11. I like the fact we have a pretty boy/ billy big bollocks/fashion risk taker but quality footballer in our team.
  12. When he does get back, could be a few months before he's back to beast mode, if ever. Always seemed such a natural footballer/athlete so should be easy to see any drop off in performance.
  13. After the success of their covid slogans, the government have branched into kitchenware..
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