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  1. Come on, he's only ignored a goverment lockdown, drove while drunk and clipped a few cars. We've all done it..
  2. Villatalk some are giving him the benefit of the doubt (as would some of us if it were one of ours) Some slagging him off, wanting him gone. Isnt he supposedly off to manu anyway???
  3. This is up there with my 5 a side premier league to be held at a random (london) goals centre. Get the league wrapped up in one day and maybe get the 20/21 season done too just to be safe.
  4. Got email today from confused.com confirming MOT's to be given 6 month extension from 30th March
  5. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    Id wager most children are alot better behaved at school. My daughter for example is good as gold in school but a nightmare at home.
  6. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    You called your shed bagsy?......aww
  7. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    Now all we need is someone to remind us what percentage 20000 is from 66 million and spin this into good news
  8. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    This is a serious consideration. If one of myself, my wife or my daughter were to contract the virus, would it be better for all of us to stay together, self isolate and likely all 3 of us have the virus so we can look after each other(if possible)?
  9. I find reading or hearing about the virus and all the death, uncertainty, doom and gloom to be both scary and depressing. Sometimes i'd rather forget all about it and i know that is selfish and perhaps foolish. Obviously I wouldnt knowingly put myself and the people i care about at risk nor anyone else for that matter. I guess i feel helpless about the whole thing and all i can do is carry on with my life but ultimately i cannot influence what could happen.
  10. Watched Fury (Brad Pitt) and really enjoyed it but apparentley its crap because you cant make a war film that isnt factually accurate.
  11. Royston.

    Corona Virus

    Stop talking a load of common sense
  12. I was with AA a few years back. They lured me in with a great quote before bumping it up next year. I think they gave me breakdown cover for free however i never needed it so could be mistaken. Just my opinion but if they are the cheapest option then get on it.
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