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  1. Im impressed. We can pass sideways across the back 4 against kosovo.
  2. We will never have a better striker than vardy will we
  3. Hmmm i doubt many truly believe we can challenge. Just enjoying the limelight.
  4. Like Kante. I really believe Soyuncu would get in ANY team.
  5. Reminds me of when he used to come on and do a job in THAT season. Worrying that he is back in that situation 3 years on but impressive cameo and is Rodgers the one to clear the gray skies???
  6. Far too early but yeah.. we're probably gonna win it.
  7. Trying to keep up with our points tally
  8. Am i the only one who appreciated the humour in this?
  9. Its all coming together... Vardy didnt even hit that right but it STILL goes in! Tears in my eyes i love these players so much.
  10. Feeling confident. IF we have our heads on, we win comfortably.
  11. ..from Vardy. Scored in the last 3 league games. 8 to go...
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