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  1. When a point against burnley is a good result things dont bode well
  2. Kasper in full super hero mode Tielemans head and shoulders above the rest Fofana back like he never went away
  3. Looking for positives, we may not be so predictable attacking wise especially if vardy is rested. Realistically i'd expect this to be a turgid affair. Perhaps if burnley really needed the points they could do us over in our crippled state. A win is a big confidence boost that we are still alive but i think rodgers will be looking for a draw.
  4. Must win but zero creativity in the team now. On the occasional telling pass tielemans makes vardy will struggle to make the most of it.
  5. Didnt he have a brain tumour before? Was it removed and its come back or was it always the same tumour? Very sorry to hear this.
  6. It reminds me of football manager when your best players all get injured and you arent really playing to win anymore, just trying to keep players relatively fit.
  7. Schmeichel our best player (says everything) Ndidi had a mare Tielemans despite the goal was also poor.
  8. Vardy the best leicester player in history but he's not fit and out of form yet some will write him off as finished.
  9. Its the manor of the last 2 defeats.
  10. Really cant see it now. I just wouldnt trust us with a 3-0 head start every game.
  11. Injuries have screwed us but we just didnt bother on thursday and today we lose our minds after going 1-0 ahead. Bunch of pussies
  12. I hate this. Go sideways and backwards then show a bit of desperation with 5 minutes left.
  13. Albrighton on to tighten the defence and defend the lead.
  14. Jesus fuching christ Deservedly behind now. We look physically and psychologically shot.
  15. This is deserved. Simply not good enough. Looks like it shithouse or bust..
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