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  1. Sale of training ground

    oooh snap!
  2. Andros Townsend...

    lawrence gone, mahrez and musa likely departures. would make sense.
  3. Drinkwater

    drinkwater has just received the text from antonio conte gray is still considering his future albrighton putting in a shift as usual
  4. BHA pre match

    was gonna predict 1-1 but that last post has changed my mind. 5-0 leicester
  5. Tom Lawrence to Derby - Done

    best to look at this one as a 6M profit (minus wages) on a player who was never going to get a chance here.
  6. Is Nigel Pearson finished in football?

    The media will always push his buttons so I don't think he is too bothered about getting back in the game.
  7. Letters on kids shirts

    Leave it blank and he can be either Andy king or Riyad mahrez
  8. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Once a year? Is that why his sack is so fat?
  9. The Arsenal V City scoreline prediction

    We'll be compact and pose fùck all threat. 4-1 Arse
  10. Drinkwater

  11. Drinkwater

    chelsea think they can take a key player on the cheap just to add to their home grown squad contingent
  12. Mersons season predictions !!

    thats the reason i gave the grim prediction. shakespeare has to handle the mardy bastards who only know how to play one way. if he keeps everyone happy we may get top ten but we'll see how it goes
  13. Rate our Summer signings

    Optimism for the new signings? All decent signings really but we need two or 3 more to go into the starting XI if we want top ten
  14. Mersons season predictions !!

    It will be another season of trying not to get relegated I predict.
  15. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    The funny but is where it bounces off the rock