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  1. Not this again, Maddison is returning from injury. What has Grealish got to do with anything??? Sure I've mentioned this before but when Maddison starts winning games on his own is when the racoons come sniffing. If he isnt good enough for us what does that say about Praet/Under/Tielemans???
  2. I'll admit he cant take a corner but he is quality. The way we set up and the way we play doesnt get the best out of him.
  3. He was off tonight. He wasnt the only one. It happens.
  4. Better how? Dont score own goals and dont make defensive errors of judgement? Dont set up defensively against a team who can shred you to pieces on the counter? The number of times we've employed tonights tactics we were bound to get fuched over at some stage, least of all by the best team in the league. Yes experience will be useful but the best players in the world will still make errors like we did tonight. Just a bad day at the office....
  5. If we are unchanged after half time we have no intention of getting anything from this..
  6. Probably a manta but slightly possibly a stingray whilst i was swimming in jamaica.
  7. Is your best friend your twin brother?
  8. What demari gray see's when he gets within 10 yards of the opposition penalty area???
  9. The sooner Maddison improves and becomes "the real deal" the sooner he leaves for a "big" club. The Maddison we have now is still a key player for a club that is hopeful of regular top 4 finishes. I could say similar for all our best players, We will be lucky to hold onto Fofana for another season. Barnes is still raw but will already be on the radar of the big names. If ndidi wasnt injured he'd probably go for 100M in january! Exceptions are vardy due to his age and schmeichel who probably knows he wont be first choice for anyone better than us!
  10. Mendy is undroppable right now.
  11. Both shit. Kdb's was a better effort but both the same result. Vardy is coming out on top in this, at least the keeper had to save his!
  12. Did i miss it or has no one mentioned we are top?
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