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  1. Looking at the table right now we are "favourable" for top 4 but the inability to beat Southampton and pant Sh1ttery against newcastle have left me seriously doubting our bottle to get the job done.
  2. Calmed down a bit (accepted missing out on CL again) Suppose its over to the chasers now, let's see how much damage last night really did. Personally I don't see how having a meltdown at this point of the season is anything but bad news.
  3. We've fooked ourselves. If anyone else gets whooped like last night we'd be thinking the same. Its not a one off, we have steadily collapsed into a boring sideways/backwards side with no spark and no bottle. Only positive being the teams left to face probably won't park the bus meaning we might actually make things interesting.
  4. Turned off after 2-0 but looks like we're out of gas and ideas. Making sloppy mistakes and being punished. Only got ourselves to blame. The remaining games aren't as daunting as the media would have you believe but we're our own worst enemies at the moment.
  5. A back 3 does encourage us to go backwards/sideways imo and is a high tempo hindered by a back 3?
  6. Ahh ok. Makes me feel better. Can't see Chelsea not making top 4 and even if they don't, surely that makes us stronger for 3rd??
  7. No disrespect to west ham but I'm not worried they'll catch us, for now at least. Reckon Chelsea will leap frog us but I'm dreading arsenal winning Europa and taking that last CL spot, despite likely finishing way off in mid table.
  8. I really like west hams shirt. Too much gold though
  9. "Draw a line and move forward together" BOLLUCKS UEFA will be patting themselves on the back they threatened these super bitches and they fell into line. Obviously no punishment will be handed out this season and a million to one any punishments that actually affect the "on pitch" achievements of said super 6 will be carried out.
  10. Recorded the game to watch after work. First half was boring but you have to be patient sometimes. Turned off after Southampton goal i just don't want to watch this crap. So a point better than no points but 2 points dropped and the bank Holiday weekends on a downer before its begun.
  11. Yes, defeat wouldn't be devastating but it would certainly encourage the chasers. Win and then they must win to maintain just an outside chance of catching us.
  12. To be fair if you're going to appoint a manager to win you trophies and play in the champions league/ super league then 70 million is a fair price. Plus wages obviously but if Levy was so determined he'd cough up.
  13. If Liverpool catch us we will have to be dreadful in the remaining games and therefore wouldn't deserve top 4 anyway.
  14. Use a different bait, they don't like worms...
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