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  1. Royston.

    Wolves A Match Thread

    We can get to the final third but then its a lottery. Several having an "off day" 2 soft goals conceded and its looking bleak
  2. Royston.

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Golden axe with my 5 year old daughter every day after school.....til mum gets home
  3. Royston.

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    No brainer. I love marc albrighton
  4. Royston.

    Barnes coming back

    Who was it that said ghezzal is no worse than albrighton or gray???
  5. Transferring kane and son into my fantasy football has paid off nicely i see
  6. Royston.

    Nacho where he belongs

    Are those combination locks on the locker doors. Why would a brotherhood of rich players need them? Levi porter left years ago...
  7. Royston.

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    3-3 both teams full of goals. Vardy and...............................evans with a brace. Still second from last on motd though
  8. Royston.

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    Ive never warmed to puel but feel we need to persevere with him. Yes there are issues, fans are unhappy but you could probably say that for most teams in the league especially inconsistent mid table teams. It will work itself out one way or another.
  9. Royston.


  10. Royston.

    Who do you want January 2019

    Fúck that. Get Rondon, Balotelli, Drinkwater and Townsend.
  11. Royston.

    The away kit

    Like the white kit. Got a touch of sunday league about it so it was perfect for the newport game
  12. Royston.

    This loan

    Bollôcks! That 40 mill was musa's signing off fee.
  13. Royston.


    Said before he is no worse than albrighton or gray. The latter two have loads of experience in english football and the jury is STILL out on gray.
  14. Royston.

    Newport away match thread

    Shít meet fan Newport deservedly ahead but it looks like one of those days where the ball just wont go in for us. Someone called for maddison ricardo and gray and id echo that.