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  1. I’m sorry. Old Bob, Arthur and Barry Stanton are not parody accounts of a Leicester player 🤣
  2. James Maddison spent too much time sat where Mendy should have been. At times it looked like they’d swapped roles.
  3. We need consistency, the squad is good enough to win the league once this is addressed. Too often we alternate between title form and relegation form, one month to the next. As I keep saying, our first 11 is up there with anyone in the world on its day. We’re not far off.
  4. Your use of the word little as part an insult is a curious case. I take it you’re sensitive of your size, perhaps a flyweight at county level boxing, or something else? 🤔
  5. They’re absolutely rubbish, just on a good run.
  6. He’s probably boxed at a county youth level. Manuel “Hands of Stone” Pablo. Or atleast on the PS4.
  7. AB was protege to Mayweather, why would you assume I don’t know who one of the most famous and entertaining people in boxing is? I can’t move beyond your double standards, you keep wishing harm to Broner in the ring if you want to, this conversation is terminated.
  8. So you’re saying I can’t want someone hurt but you can? You’re not doing very well here.
  9. I’ve been very critical of him, however is rate of improvement has been fantastic.
  10. AJs humble mask is all false, he’s just not what he pretends to be. The rollicking from Bossman Eddie has just replaced the mask is all, he’ll be doing everything by the book again to regain lost fans. Small example would be that cheese fest Rocky song, as opposed to some gangster rap magic.
  11. He’s false, I’d much prefer a bluntly honest Dillian Whyte.
  12. Looking forward to a good positive performance from the boys. Set up positive and we should get the three points, would like to see a bit of luck go our way too, so many off the post etc lately.
  13. Fight was ok. What’s success got to do with being likeable, you didn’t support MU in the early 00s and switch to Leicester when we won the title did you?
  14. That’s a shame, I was quite looking forward to a Stormzy mega show, still find the mans live talent breath taking.
  15. What’s odd about wanting to see somebody you dislike lose a boxing match and getting hurt (not permanently)? It would be odd not to, no?
  16. Just want to see AJ hurt, it isn’t important to me who does it 🙂
  17. Come on Pulev! Do it for the balkans!
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