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  1. Would seem a pragmatic financial decision to sell him on ahead of h.beong a free agent from January onwards If we get 15m and sold to a team not expected to be directly challenging with us, as Alan sugar would say, with regret, you've gotta go.
  2. I fancy us looking at the line ups. That's worrying. I never fancy us.
  3. The alternative is to get on with it...a bit like how we get along with cancer. We just carry on. Allow 'at risk' groups to take indefinite sick leave. Set strategies for those who wish or need to shield. Provide guidance and advice to the rest of us.... who'll then get on doing whatever we want to do, go where we want to go and everything else.
  4. I don't / won't watch sky's punditry (unless we win).....did they really do that?!
  5. Leeds will go down. Any team with Bamford in it will be a championship team. Simple as.
  6. Please lord make these backwards nazi hovis arseholes lose
  7. Our weakest player miles and miles. That's not to say he doesn't have some qualities, but this guy is a lower half of prem player....and we aspire to more
  8. Just to echo a few other comments about time, as dull as that sounds. I got blindsided after 12 years a few years ago. To say I was shellshocked is an understatement. I couldn't do the clean break, as I was advised. But i was strategic. I decided it'd be a long haul and realised the next 12-18 months would be shite. I unpicked myself from her stitch by stitch, slowly slowing down contact and texts and the occasional make up shag. Slowly - and a deliberate tactic - was to change myself slowly...not some dramatic chnage which (I felt) woild.look.like a mid
  9. I think there's a whole generation of big political thinkers that were lost because the public are too quick to judge. Ed Miliband is a magnificent political mind. Though as we all do in life, his one member one vote decision to break the union block votes ended up with disastrous unintended consequences by allowing momentum to get a foothold. Back to original point, Miliband, Osbourne, David Laws, Cameron, Hague, Alexander were all in different ways the big beasts and all now tossed aside. A waste, imo
  10. Slight tangent, but I've not seen any talk of what we are doing with belvoir drive. Is it being sold?
  11. Why lose to that lot? After yesterday I'm back to November 2019 and happy to go toe to toe with any caant
  12. I remember Danny Simpson saying - and I think he really believed it - .....If we had just beat Hull
  13. Never have I read a post where every single word is exactly my sentiment. Goodison (pre covid) is a wonderful gallery of booze addled, pock marked faces of parents and pale, vitamin deficient kids ...all bewildered that their expensively assembled press hyped team scrapes a 1-1 home draw to Norwich.
  14. Oh come on! It can take any team in the world 20 mins or to get a handle on the game, let alone first game of the season against an opponent whose playing style we knew little in advance about
  15. This won't go on. The government will.lose the people. In fact, I think they lost the people in May and loosened lockdown as a reactive consequence. Leicester remained in (supposed) lockdown as some kind of example. and it largely worked in frightening other places into behaving. However, When it became obvious in Leicester nobody gave a flying fack after 4 weeks and businesses on the brink of bankruptcy threatened to.open anyway...hey presto! Lockdown Leicester was eased. December will see any semblance of lockdown in tatters, regardless of numbers. The
  16. Sorry to rub it in, but I'm off to.mallorca tomorrow. I'm expecting it to be dead. But just one open bar, one open restaurant and sky sports will do....beach the rest of the time will entertain me. Hotel - bless 'em - rang me to see if I was still coming and said they'll upgrade to a suite, such was the relief when I said we were still on.
  17. I've not seen any news today, but I can guess what this latest madcap scheme is. Will they be given sticks, black caps and extra rations? Will the rest of us need to wear stripey pyjamas?
  18. Did one off a LinkedIn link on.mu feed whilst bored at work a couple of years back. I found it remarkable. Intj-t was my type. It pretty.much got.me.to a tee. Staggeringly accurate.
  19. Exactly. Nobody's taken any notice of these bizarre, arbitrary rules for months. Indoors.. outdoors. Downstairs loos. bubbles. Households. Meet only by accident in pubs. Codes of conduct. If anyone is actually taking notice of this they must be doolally. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Respect people's personal space. That's all that should be reasonably asked for
  20. I agree, Stef, but every parent I know doesn't seem to give two hoots. In fact, I'd wager most would still send the kids to school even if 50 kids there were riddled with it.
  21. My totally untrained and uneducated opinion would be 1..Pay the deposit with your credit card and if you eventually get ripped by the tour operator, you can just claim the deposit back under the appeal procedure Or 2. Ignore the holiday, write (yes write!) to the company with a reasonable 8 week timeline to reimburse the voucher value in cash and if you've not heard back within those 8 weeks you'll make a claim in the small claims court. At worst, the case arrives at the small claims court uncontested. There's no way they'll send a legal team to that
  22. Is it a third party ownership thing? I'm wondering if the player has absolutely no say whatsoever in these moves.
  23. Speculation and opinion is kinda the point of any thread. My gut feel if a player was disappointed not to play it suggests the player wanted to play, even whilst carrying a slight injury. the club may have had an influence in him being withdrawn ....I could easily be wrong but it's a fair enough conclusion to draw
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