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  1. Harry Hill decided his fashion look from 1970's referees too
  2. Dependent on our result next week, should we get through we'll be playing on the 11th.
  3. Why have they dragged it forward two weeks? Shit. Should've been played later in the season.
  4. Isn't Praet's similar to Ndidi's injury? He was injured in mid-September and back playing in early December. If Praet's timescale is roughly similar he'll be back in the first week of April.
  5. I know, I just wanted to quote you so my post had some sort of context after the Barnes stuff.
  6. We do seem to find a way at the moment of getting at least a draw from poorer performances which is a good trait to have.
  7. Thank **** he's too old, don't want Hoofroyd ruining his time off.
  8. I still can't believe their player wasn't booked for the smash on Maddison. Appalling, out of control challenge.
  9. Tottenham drew the weakest team left, Man United's result is very good. Ours is fine if we turn up next week.
  10. Aren't we the only British team to play our away leg at the opponent's ground? Strangely a neutral venue might've suited us better.
  11. Not great but not terrible, they seem like a decent opponent in their own ground but we were never seriously tested. Referee was appalling. Missed the attacking full-backs hugely who will be back next week, we should have enough to get through.
  12. These officials are collectively shite.
  13. Having Ricardo and Castagne back next week will be massive.
  14. Oh ****ing get up. You don't need the whole physio team for that. Twat.
  15. I'd take a 0-0 here, we've not turned up in the second half.
  16. I know (they've made it sound much louder though), it just feels a lot different even though they aren't on camera.
  17. Anyone else really distracted by the crowd noise? I suppose I've just got used to nobody in the stands.
  18. ****ing hell they go over easily don't they? Decent half, we just need a bit more precision with our final ball.
  19. They were with lads from the Under-23s and also players from other clubs. It's totally irresponsible.
  20. There's conflicting opinions. I've read that Levy will go to get Rodgers at some point, others say Rodgers wouldn't want to work for him and elsewhere that Nagelsmann and Hassenhuttl are the main contenders. It's definitely not a given he'll go to Tottenham.
  21. She liked Puel but thinks Brendan is a better fit for the club now.
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