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  1. We've certainly been one of the better performers today- two sides out for less than a hundred and Kent managed 138. Good platform to build on here, got to be looking at 350 minimum.
  2. Foster The People want you out
  3. Gordan Banks and Gary Linekar? Jemie Verdy is a great player along with Muzzy Izzat tbf.
  4. Although not a huge fan of rugby, always recognised the voice when I tuned into Radio Leicester and seemed extremely popular with the listeners. RIP Bleddyn.
  5. What about if you were a kid when it came out?
  6. Speaks so well in the media. Fronts up when things have gone wrong, too. An amazing decade for him at club and international level. And to think he didn't want to join originally
  7. Choose sitting on the internet, Remembering school girls in films.
  8. Best advised not to try it again, though.
  9. Massive blow for all concerned but getting him fit and repaired is essential. We've seen in the recent past that rushing players back isn't good either. Need him for August.
  10. Nothing wrong with aiming higher. Of course the gap to 5th is the most important but we should always look above too. I'd prefer them to win on Sunday, to finish 2nd we've got to beat them and also have an unlikely slip-up in the other games, it's a big ask but it's not impossible. More than likely out of reach but you never know.
  11. Bottlers is a popular moniker at the moment but that team epitomised lacking the fight. Home match, sell out crowd against another absolutely crap team and a dismal performance. The lot of them should be ashamed at dragging us into the third tier.
  12. It is a remarkable struggle. When we played them in January, had they won they'd have been level on points with us.
  13. Garth Crooks special- praise the player then go on to a totally different subject.
  14. I'd have found it odd that he'd have walked if we qualified for the Champions League. All that effort and the narrative about breaking in to the section and then leaving before giving it a go doesn't seem logical. Getting to a cup final (and hopefully winning it) should give him the taste for more of that. If Tuchel stays for another year and the Chelsea job becomes available in summer 2022 then that's a more natural move and break point if it occurs.
  15. I think we'll be fed up of the 9-0 references, let alone the Saints fans. Reckon it will be tight and we'll edge it like the semi-final and last night's game.
  16. At least one of them admits it rather than the usual no fans/ injuries/ VAR/ conspiracy shit they put out. They've failed to beat Burnley, Brighton, Newcastle, Fulham and West Brom at home this season, scoring 2 goals in the process.
  17. They were at the same club!
  18. Third time in six years we've finished above Arsenal. I think you'd have got enormous odds on that two years ago, let alone any time before.
  19. I love the fact he sounds absolutely knackered after games. We know how they feel after our seven a sides on Thursday nights.
  20. Still lots of his game to iron it but a great assist, possibly another for Vardy and then a sensational finish for the winner. He's delivering in buckets right now.
  21. 19 points from losing positions this season. Not bad for a team that supposedly crumble when the pressure is on. Massive win to end a huge 8 days.
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