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  1. Genuine question, what are the elements of his game that you think are very good?
  2. murphy

    Dennis Praet

    I think you have misunderstood me if you think I was putting a negative spin on the signing of Kante. I was saying that it would be wise to avoid players that don't want to come here and that we should not use the successful Kante signing as an argument in favour of it.
  3. I'm not sure we can criticise other CBs mobility in a Harry Maguire thread. I love Harry but he is about as quick as a milk float and as mobile as an oil tanker.
  4. murphy

    Dennis Praet

    You can't always use a single example to prove a rule, just as we can't always use Vardy as an example to prove that players will always come good. The vast majority of flops don't. Kante was extraordinary but even then he couldn't get away quick enough and I don't think it is good practice to sign a player who has little interest in coming here.
  5. Soyuncu or Benkovic. His replacement is already here.
  6. murphy


    Interesting fact about Ruskin; he never consummated his marriage because he was afraid of pubic hair. You're welcome. As you were.
  7. That's true but when you see the thread go hot with pages of new posts you tend to check in to see if anything has happened. Then you wade through pages of dismal crap until you've wasted 10 minutes of your life that you'll never get back. Repeat ad nauseum. I reckon you feckers owe me an hour and a half! What can there possibly be left to say? Lock the damn thread, put it in a box and bury it in the garden.
  8. I remember that run. There was no goal at the end of it though, just a run. He did score a couple of 30 yard pile drivers for Copenhagen though.
  9. I dunno. She obviously has talent but I think she might be a little lacking in pace.
  10. I agree, we look much more dynamic under Rogers, but the Puel never had the benefit of playing Youri and we were stuck with Mendy and Wilf. The fact that Puel bought Tielemans in showed me that he recognised that our sitting two were far too unadventurous. It is worth noting that in Puel's system one of the two CMs is supposed to support the attack when we are in possession. Rogers has played a few systems since he's been here and will probably mix it up throughout the season rather than settling on the dogged 4-2-3-1 that Puel never really deviated from. I think it is no surprise that we look better and more fluent with a midfield three of Wilf, Maddison and Tielemans.
  11. tbf, that ggraphic looks very much like Puel's set up.
  12. murphy

    Papy Mendy

    Not necessarily. Afcon is over and he'll prob be back next week? Also, he is made out of titanium like a terminator. He'll be fine.
  13. I remember Martin O'Neill and then Neil Lennon going on the reverse journey when Celtic took them. I was gutted at the time, especially as we were falling apart and subsequently relegated under Taylor. Anyway, I had a lot of affection for those two so instead of feeling resentment I used to look out for Celtic's results. I wanted O'Neill to succeed there.
  14. murphy

    Papy Mendy

    He did and that pairing of Wilf and Mendy made it glaringly obvious that we needed change.
  15. You learn something every day...
  16. murphy

    Papy Mendy

    It's all relative though isn't it? Next to Slim & Musa car crash signings of 2016, anybody would look a half decent signing. For me, he just doesn't bring enough to the team. He is a moderate, steady, average, workhorse. Funny how so many people's opinions change on the strength of a pre season performance at Cheltenham.
  17. I take your point and Nacho might well be a lost cause, but he is a problem. He cost the club £25m plus big wages. We need to do something about it, to try and get him looking something like a footballer if only to get a fee for him. A few pre season goals against lower league clubs might go some way to help so play him in the first team. It seems apparent that the club cannot afford to write him off and no one will take him off our hands. We need to get a tune out of him somehow. Personally, I'd give Ken Wey a call and failing that maybe Ant Middleton.
  18. True, but what was the point of playing him in the B team? If he had played in the second half he might have been more involved and maybe got on the scoresheet which might have helped him.
  19. Yes. I remember him saying how he struggled early to play on the right as he had played on the left for all his career. If Maguire does go if gives us the chance to play Evans in his most comfortable position.
  20. Ironic really cus Iheanacho looks tired attacking.
  21. About as sharp as a marshmallow. Give my regards to Pelagia.
  22. murphy

    Papy Mendy

    I think he needs to go. I don't like the idea of bringing on a defensive midfielder for the last 20. It is basically inviting the opposition to attack and what happens if they score? You have just compromised your ability to hit back. Mendy himself will want to play, not just to be a part time road block. A move will benefit both parties as we can get another off the wage bill and maybe get that other no. 8 that the club has talked about.
  23. murphy

    Papy Mendy

    A very harsh assessment. Let's look at what areas of the team Puel did address in the summer. We were crying out for a no.10 and we got Maddison. We needed an attacking RB and got Ricardo, with Huth retiring we needed centre halves and got Evans and cover/future in Benkovic and Soyuncu. Yes, there are other areas of the teams that needed strengthening but it is not possible to buy a team in one window as we don't have unlimited funds. He had to prioritise and did a pretty good job. We needed a RW but bought in Ghezzal as squad cover I believe, until funds would have been available to get the right man. We needed a more adventurous CM and he bought in Tielemans in the January window on loan. I think we did a pretty good job last summer. Ghezzal being the only dubious one, but with what was left of the budget and what was available to us, there didn't seem to be many options.
  24. I think that United have made such a meal of this and it has become such a saga that they will lose face if they don't get their man. I think that we need to stay firm on the price or the top six will think it's open season for Ricardo, Chilwell, Maddison etc.
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