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  1. Totally agree. Im still.amazed man city didn't make a.move for him to replace that absolute tool (in relative terms) Mendy and the sub sub par Zinchenko
  2. Sorry, I meant long term ppv will be preferable for me as a means of watching b(subject to price) and certainly preferable to Liverpool, arsenal, man u and Chelsea - all of whom have huge overseas following
  3. It's just too expensive. I get why. The service can't undercut sky and BT and has to be unaffordable. It's an inevitable but welcome direction of trave tho. £5-£10 a pop and I'm in. But also, it'll mean to huge income for the big 4 (Man city and spurs don't have the overseas reach like the other 4 do)
  4. So, is this right?! Vards, Evans, Wes, Praet, Maddison possible but unfit to a degree and/or carrying knocks Cags, Wilf, Amartey, Ricardo all proper out Little Wes possibly riddled with Covid. Why can't it be Perez who gets injured?! He's like the ugly bird who just won't go no matter what
  5. Yeah but there's disabled and disabled. I know that comment will be about as popular as the pope on an orange march, but the UK has surely the world's largest epidemic of malingerers
  6. Lol, I just assumed you were a rowlatts hill boy
  7. Not playing dumb here, but can I for a beer at the weekend as I've planned to do? Or do I have to order a meal? Anon of Glenfield.
  8. Just a bad trot. Plus, since some of our players are so good, it feels much worse when they are sidelined then, say for example, Albrighton, Iborra and Simpson used to pull up
  9. I'm not one of the intelligent ones who can dig out references....but I've read and heard multiple times that outdoors transmission is ultra difficult. Perhaps someone less lazy than me can dig out a relevant report. As for selfish, I reckon I've reduced my contact with other members of the public 100 fold. No office colleagues now. No train trips once a week. No football. Pubs and nights out are rare. I've lost 2 flights this year. I don't see my mum and dad indoors. I do my bit, pal.
  10. Tbh i stand at junior football and it's bone of the few pleasures left in life where there's normal human behaviour. Unless it's face to face breathing on each other (unlikely) it's entirely safe
  11. But you don't need or have to wear masks outside. It's basically nigh on impossible to catch outside. Which pisses me.off even more that indoor cinemas are showing outdoor football matches in outdoor empty stadia
  12. So true. That said, a couple of years ago I worked with a hot 8.5/10 bird who was late 20s, Czech and called Barbara 😂 (prononced bu-barra)....it put me off tbh. I'm sure she was distraught
  13. Asian area. Not that I think masks make much difference, but even so, as a sweeping generalisation the Asian community is laughably non compliant. Partly I love it, the absolute indifference to.authority. Partly I find it staggering that with so many in multi generational households, they are so cavalier with the grandma's health
  14. honest question.... is that wrong then? Do you have to go for a test if you think you have it? I'd thought to myself if I get it, I'll just hole up for a week or two and call for help if i think I'm dying, like I prob would with bronchitis or food poisoning
  15. My own personal view is that herd Immunity is assumed to be like chicken pox....get it once or vaccinated, get immune, eventually it'll go away. However, herd Immunity is, for me, likely to be about building resilience. It's a novel virus. The likelihood is humans will have to build resilience to this until, basically, it becomes less novel, like cold and flu. Most don't die of colds or flu. But some people do. And covid seems to follow that sort of path
  16. I wonder if players really do think it's their 'proudest moment' when receiving an international call.up? I get it for championship plodders like David Healy or Stuart Dallas or Robert Earnshaw. It's their only chance of big time football. But after the buzz of the first 5 caps, I reckon top level players secretly find the whole thing an absolute ball ache
  17. Cags is injured, isnt he? Pulled up in training, ffs
  18. Exactly the same. My 3 funds have all had 3% - 7% increases. My Individual stocks have collectively lost 40%....and I thought I was buying at the bottom.of the market. I'm hanging on to them though. I bought them.on the basis that they'd bounce back once the world returns to (relative) normal in 1-3 years
  19. Dunno. But i can 100% categorically be sure that my ex had virtually nothing to do at Glenfield at the height of the epidemic for weeks, if not months, on end. Dribs and drabs of covid patients but nowhere near the media hype of hospitals close to capacity. It's apparently business as usual atm, albeit all non covid patients
  20. Yep, totally agree. The odd thing (for me anyway)was that I often had more fun in recounting the stories than actually doing it 😂
  21. Whatever happened to the old adage 'a gentleman never tells' ? (says I, who'll gleefully listen to and recount stories to mates after a few beers)
  22. Tbh, I think the solid Liverpool and Man Utd fans would despise it (solid fans doesn't include Oadby's Asian army of scouser/messi/Ronaldo fans)
  23. The other 14 PL should call their bluff and threaten to create a new PL of 14 with 5 guest franchises called Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United. (Man city can do one. Nobody gives a fack about them anyway,.home.or abroad)
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