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  1. Be careful, this is exactly what they want. Look at the NFL model. They only play what, 13/14 regular season games and potentially another 3 if you reach the Super Bowl. That’s what these greedy ***** want. And over time so will the players. It will all be money led and the player salaries will be insane. They have the financial backing and it’s very realistic this will happen. Ask a player today and they would say they don’t like it and still want to play for their country, give it 5/10 years and their national team will be a distant memory.
  2. He’s a gifted footballer, we need him to sharpen up between now and the final. Our beat 11 will need to be at their best to beat Chelsea, and he is an integral part.
  3. Some negative feedback I’m afraid, your survey is extremely repetitive, I’m sorry but I stopped half way through.
  4. Surely a 64 mini will come out at some point??? Unfortunate any of the Rare games willl likely be missing, but there are still plenty to make up a decent compendium.
  5. No loss whatsoever. He believed his own hype, when he should have knuckled down and improved. The 2021 Demarai Gray is no different to the 2017 version, other than he’s 4 years older. So no longer a prospect. I can see him ending up at Burnley, Palace or Newcastle.
  6. Boris Johnson’s dad Vince McMahon Bill Cosby Gary Glitter Connor McGregor
  7. The AI will remain the same. And that’s my biggest gripe. If you think the AI is a good experience then good enough for you. But for me it ruins it and the immersion of this fantastic futuristic cityscape is false.
  8. Those saying it is great now are making huge concessions. It has potential, but the AI is completely unfinished, the open world is not a patch on GTA; cars, pedestrians, police all perform without a brain. And combat sections are pathetic, the AI just stands still and doesn’t even chase you around a corner for example. I started playing is on my series X, and i want to like it and enjoy it, but the experience is so unimersive due to the bugs and poor AI. im parking it until it has been fully patched and runs as it should. This game should have never been released, it’s in i
  9. We are a stronger team and squad than 15/16, but we lack the creative unpredictable spark of Mahrez. Maybe Ünder gets a run of games and finds form, but an out and out match winning winger is what we need. The next four games will test our metal, and where we are come January 1st will tell us a great deal. Anything more than 8pts will make us contenders.
  10. Laphroig is my favourite scotch around that price, Jameson’s is unbeatable irish whisky
  11. I can’t stand united, so find it amusing. But the Pogba tinted glasses must come off, he’s seriously lacking. If he was ever in the top 3 midfielders in the world, that day has long since passed, he looks well below average and they’d be best to start building a team without him. He’s just not a good player.
  12. It’ll be 3 at the back with castagne and Justin more or less playing in midfield. There will be goals...
  13. Carpet fitters, grannies with special knives. Please tell me why you think it is weird I’ve came to that conclusion. No actually don’t, I’ll just block you instead.
  14. Someone has died and several have serious injuries and yet some of you are joking about it? Sort yourselves out.
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