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  1. Barring a serious injury he’ll get 100+ no problem. I expect another season and a half with him as clear first choice. Our scouts need to be identifying a replacement soon though. Nacho is nowhere near good enough
  2. Giving this a swerve this year. No more money for the EA coffers from me. Same game for the past 3 or 4 years.
  3. Never have we had a better time to play them. We’ll be well up for it, they are very wobbly at home and have bags of injuries. You’d have to say we have every chance of taking 3 points. I think we could spank them, but in reality 1-0 or 2-1 win. Vardy with the goal(s). This is a real statement game that the team need for confidence and belief. Win and we are well set to compete for top 6 places.
  4. Brexit will never happen now.
  5. Looks like madderchill were up all night on the eve of the match.... both were shocking today, Maddison particularly could come under threat from Praet very soon.
  6. I’m not so sure about Arsenal. Luiz is well past his best and Tierney and Ceballos are complete unknown quantities in the premier league. They looks to have a very exciting front line, but beyond that - average. Ramsey Will be a loss and problems at the back will remain. spurs have strengthened well, but let’s see who leaves. Levy runs a tight ship, so £70million net spend is out of character. If Eriksen and Alderweireld leave during the European window they have been weakened. chelsea are ripe to be picked off, unless Lampard hits the ground running with youth. We we have a great chance at top 6 if we start the season strongly and don’t suffer injuries to key players. We desperately need Perez and Nacho to take some pressure off Vardy with goals.
  7. Clever premise but a little too predictable for me.
  8. Good luck to him. He was important to us in our most successful season ever. He needs to get back to playing football. Burnley should suit him.
  9. ? “here’s to swimming with bow legged women!”
  10. Awful result and the nail in the coffin. Clearly the players have lost faith in the French buffoon.
  11. Any recommendation for a good pay sport service? I run a titanium Kodi Build which is fine for movies and tv but really want a decent sport service and sick of paying sky/BT a kings ransom and only getting half the games.
  12. Such a great post. The story about vaping being harmful comes from the tobacco industry. Don’t be fooled.
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