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  1. It’ll be 3 at the back with castagne and Justin more or less playing in midfield. There will be goals...
  2. Carpet fitters, grannies with special knives. Please tell me why you think it is weird I’ve came to that conclusion. No actually don’t, I’ll just block you instead.
  3. Someone has died and several have serious injuries and yet some of you are joking about it? Sort yourselves out.
  4. Worst tactical change ever made in the history of football.
  5. Kilkenny Is a proper good spot. Lots of traditional Irish pubs all along one street, it’s a great pub crawl near Christmas.
  6. I met him when I lived in Dubai, the season we won the league. He was doing a Q&A for the Dubai West Ham supporters club with Tony Gale.... it was about 12 games in to the season and someone in the crowd asked a question along the lines of “what do you think of Leicester challenging the top 4?” Tony Gale pissed all over us saying the wheels will come off soon enough, but Cottee was a bit more supportive. Saying that we had something special about us and he hoped we’d stay up there for as long as possible, stating to a crowd full of West Ham fans that whilst they were his home town club, L
  7. Reality is we are a better side, only that inner Leicester voice is telling you to be cautious. If we don’t finish top 3 I’ll eat own testicles. Not because I’m a lesbian transformer fluid neutral... bit because I’m that confident. We’ll finish north of 75. Who cares what Liverpool or City do.
  8. I think Grealish is the perfect option for us if we want to improve the starting 11 in place of Barnes. It’d probably take 50+ in January though.
  9. I was in the away kop right next to our lot and here’s my feedback from behind enemy lines: 1) best they have played in some time 2) most pressing they have seen Man City play all season 3) shit scared every time Vardy was near the ball my view of today: 1) they set up to stop our fullbacks, and did just that. Mendy and walker stopped Ricardo and Chillwell getting forward. in my opinion albrighton should have started ahead of Perez in such a game as Perez clearly wasn’t up for a battle from the first whistle. 2) Maddison had to come ver
  10. And gives us a real incentive to get the win. I’ve been nervous about this game. Villa have been playing better than results suggest, but we have the quality to get the win, especially if they try to take the game to us. I think tight game 2-1 win
  11. I think we should invest in DNA transplant technology and see if we can’t create the perfect manager. Think Jurassic Park meets Universal Soldier
  12. Be prepared for them coming to park the bus. They are shocking but Deeney always worries me when we play them
  13. Let’s see where we are come December 27th. The next 4 premier league games look good on paper, if we pick up a good points haul the games against City and Liverpool will determine how good we really are. I think the confidence factor can’t be underestimated, and th dame against Liverpool will be very different to the one at Anfield. with Man City’s injuries at the back and Liverpool’s number of games, there is potential for them both to drop points.
  14. We’re in a perfect position, media writing us off again already. It suits us just fine. Keep performing and keep winning games. lets see where we are come December 21st and face city away before Liverpool at home on Boxing Day. We’ve on paper a good run of fixtures between now and then, if we can stay in touch then the 2 games against the big boys could be interesting.
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