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  1. I forgot lizards. seen plenty of them on holidays. In fact,.it vaguely rings a bell I've even seen them.over here
  2. ...live, in the wild, I mean. Alligator and Stingray - Florida Moose (or reindeer.- not quite sure of difference) - Norway Seal - Norfolk Fox and muntjack deer - Leicester Dolphin - Wales ....not much really. Which is kinda sad.
  3. Wasn't the 2-0 in the rain the PL season after we both got promoted?...a rare away win and a vital one at that as we started to find out feet? .... either way, it was great management from.Micky Adams that day who earned the ref that if he started it, he's to finish it as our tactics were based around the conditions and he didn't want a lead to be scrubbed off. The ref assured him and absurdly stuck to his word in unplayable conditions after we had gone 2-0 up. I was at Fratton Park for another absolute drenching, a vital 1-0 midweek win as our game in hand, nudging us into the pl
  4. So true. Sure, there are games more difficult than others, but I have no more angst about this fixture than if we were playing Fulham away.
  5. I had them down as Flemish dudes, not frenchies
  6. I was there for that Barnsley game when, at advanced right back, he absolutely bossed it. At just 20/21, he led/cajoled/directed a poor Barnsley team to a marvellous away win against us, at the time promotion favourites. I was ecstatic when as a direct result, we went and poached him a few days later. Poor Barnsley! An excellent footballer who understandably backed himself to play a the highest level but lost his way, his fitness and - I suspect - his entire confidence and self esteem. It'd be nice if he could eventually get himself sorted and an Indian s
  7. That crossed my mind too. I'd wondered if his physiology means he loses fitness very quickly and as such, needs to play to maintain peak condition and consequently avoid injury
  8. Not a toy, but a classic Friday night 80s treat
  9. Yes - but it was league cup, not a friendly
  10. You just described my dad circa 1979
  11. Swindon away, 0-0. Brian Little's first game. Directly jumpstarted an upward trajectory after years of downward spiral. Charlton away, 0-1. The start of the aggressive, siege mentality of O'Neill
  12. Yup. Can't fake any sympathy for this one. Repulsive man
  13. I enjoy the big tournaments. Only as it breaks up the summer and I kinda like games on at 2pm and 5pm on a random weekday. And geekily i like learning about some previously unknown russian or Brazilian host city But as for the breaks themselves, it's tedious. And, genuinely, I'd swap a routine 2-0 win on any given season away at Palace than England winning a world cup. I'd be pleased if England won, but it wouldn't feel any kind of personal triumph - whereas City winning any match feel very personal
  14. I'm not even sure Robson was much cop. Failed to qualify for 84 euros. Garbage in the first two group games in 86. An unmitigated disaster in 88 euros. 90 the players basically told him the best formation and we were v lucky to scrape past both Belgium and Cameroon
  15. It is a conundrum.. We have Tielemans, Praet and Castagne in the world number 1 ranked team. I don't think any of them would be picked for an England squad (maybe Tielemans squad but not first xi)
  16. Off for a walk in covid test in 2 hours at Glenfield. Pretty slick as I only regged 5 mins ago. Felt a bit rough yesterday with headache and upset tummy (which aren't major symptoms of it, so I thought) and feel a bit groggy today ....but my lad's best friend has tested positive last Friday and my lad has started to feel poorly today... so thought it'd be sensible to find out one way or the other for us both
  17. Oh, goodness.. don't be so pious . A football messageboard is built for flippancy, exaggeration and drama..
  18. So long as the players boycott that vvanker Stuart Broad's boozer. Notts filth.
  19. Id imagine long term we'll see a shift to where players choose live. Overseas players tend to radiate to stoneygate atm. I think most English don't even bother to move here, apart from an urban flat as a crash pad Tigers players, for ecample, tend to be harborough, tilton way as they train at Oadby.....so I reckon there'll be a slow shift of players away from the city and living towards queniborough, Melton, Cossington, Rothley. They'll probably skip east goscote though (always seems a tremendously odd place to me)
  20. Bit of an odd tournament, this seems. Come out of nowhere. That said,nice to see Georgia involved. The game is gaining traction in Russia, Georgia ... Romania is an old traditional hotbed. Good for the game to get the tier 2 nations included.
  21. That's sad. A 4/5 years ago, I was at the ground and down on my luck at the time. I didn't know it was that visibly obvious, but he had an emotional intelligence and he came over for a quick word. Made some small talk and just simply said something along the lines of 'dig in. We've all been there. It'll be alright' what a gent x
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