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  1. He just punched the guy in the cock very odd behaviour
  2. Also why are Newcastle playing a back 5 at home to wolves? That’s odd
  3. At least I’ve sorted Christmas for the mrs now so thanks FT
  4. Why are wolves wearing green? Orange wouldn’t clash with black n white imo
  5. I think there should be a new rule where for every goal after 5 you score in a game you get an additional half a point. Where would we be now with my new rules? Just missed the chance for an additional half a point v Newcastle but picked up 2 more Friday.
  6. He’s getting paid more than double what he was before. He won’t care that we are third and they are in a relegation fight will he. Fair play to him I say and we are a better team without him so we are all happy.
  7. Why are Americans crying because we celebrated a 9-0 away premier league win. Do they not realise A. How hard that is and B. Vardy would celebrate having a shit if he had away fans watching him.
  8. Can’t believe what I’ve just seen in the West Brom game! The ref tried to send off the wrong guy! Mad racism anyone else seen this?
  9. Haha didn’t actually read the original post but read that bit now and you’re right. Mans interviewing himself
  10. So did the driver open the lorry see all the bodies and then call the police? I’m trying to work out what he was thinking surely he knew he was effectively handing himself in by doing that? Unless he was planning on pleading ignorance
  11. I agree if we miss out on the title cos we didn’t get the 10th last night I won’t be happy
  12. What a cheat I think diving should be a red card offence
  13. Makes me very proud that we have these expectations with this team. It wouldn’t have been the same if we had just done a Man City and spent billions. The fact that we are competing with local lads, young players and guys like Kasper Wes n Jamie who have been here ages is amazing.
  14. Used to think Liverpool were the perennial whiners and moaners but I read the Man City forum on their thread about our game and wow. Sooooo cynical and mardy! All they were doing were complaining and slagging us off, very weird as I assume in that situation fans from our rivals would just be like “wow fair play”
  15. Didn’t they sack him a few weeks back now
  16. Third place and then win the league cup
  17. Classy guy and made some great signings for us which has helped up get to where we are currently which is dicking teams 9-0 away.
  18. Yeah already have that. It’s good and smells like aventus but lasts about 10 minutes and has no sillage hence the price.
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