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  1. All the Man United players taking the runners-up medals straight off
  2. I like how winning this shoot out moves Villarreal up from the Europa Conference to the Champions League
  3. Sold out according to Sky Sports News earlier. Still availability on Days 2-4 though.
  4. I thought they'd add canned laughter in the background at one time.
  5. Weren't they warned about this possibility when he was brought into the fold a few years ago?
  6. Got to feel a bit for Hancock. He gave Cummings full support this time last year and all for what?
  7. That 2016 preparation really didn't help- not just the travel but the media and social side of it, we just weren't used to it. This is a great time to stay local and support the lower divisions and non-league.
  8. On the football/ forum theme- the amount of random club forums our fans search for to find things said about us. Usually it's not very nice and it clearly annoys those fans- why do it? If you're looking for universal praise and love, you won't find it. Plenty of fans don't like us and the way we've gone about our business (with justification, too) but then we aren't always the most pleasant on here about other teams ourselves. I do find this idea we're a club of the people a bit uncomfortable, to be honest. The coverage has been over the top.
  9. We are a collective. Fans, players, managers, owners. Each party's behaviour affects others. I go to matches knowing that if plenty of fans start a riot or get involved in racist chanting there is a good chance I'll be stopped from attending as a result despite not taking part and abhorring it. If our players misbehave we might be punished with sanctions. If our owners do etc. You'll always have an innocent party hit and I'm afraid that's the way it is.
  10. Hasn't he spoken about how much he admires what we do? DON'T DO IT, TOP. PLEASE.
  11. Any opportunity for serious punishment was lost when journalists started talking about not punishing the fans as they were an innocent party (basically meaning any serious punishment not involving riots should be ignored). I wouldn't even bother fining them. It's done, nothing will change.
  12. Fair play to him for avoiding the Alexander-Arnold outrage for a week before binning him.
  13. Wasn't there talk that last year he was in tears when we missed out against Man United?
  14. I thought I'd seen those hairstyles before
  15. Maddison missed more than four games, surely?
  16. This is what you face when you've got 14/15 quality players and the rest are a way back in terms of quality. You always want your best available team for these games even if they aren't fully fit.
  17. Still don't believe Champions League third placers should be dropped in but that set up seems a better fit and more of a reward for finishing top of the group. Winning the group means no European football from December until March which was a hideous schedule this season.
  18. But this isn't a reduction due to lack of interest, it is to accommodate kids who are at an age where they'd ordinarily have to move like I did over a decade ago. We are at full capacity now. It's tough to get new fans down weekly.
  19. If they aren't interested, why would reducing a section make much difference?
  20. If getting drunk makes you shout racist things, don't get drunk?
  21. He'll make mistakes but it's not an area we need major surgery. Money would be better spent elsewhere.
  22. Yeah, I think we're progressing in terms of getting more revenue in so Champions League qualification isn't seismic. 5th place brings a healthy merit payment, we're getting high earners off the wage bill, it shouldn't be doom and gloom.
  23. 10k for the play-off final. Terrible. THe PyRaMId iS vITal
  24. Looking forward to the squad announcement tomorrow and all the complaining from every club that at least three of their players aren't involved.
  25. I sort of get it when you've been in the Champions League a long time and you can look down on it. I think having us and West Ham will be good as we'll both take it seriously on the pitch and in the stands.
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