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Our attacking numbers are appalling. 


We've scored 1 goal or fewer in 12 of our last 15 games overall. 


We've been held scoreless 5 of the last 8 overall, including our last 2 home games. 


Vardy hasn't scored in 9 of the last 10 games. If he isn't scoring goals, he hurts us because he doesn't participate in the build-up. I would give Perez a look up top. 


If you ignore the one outlier vs Villa, we've scored 2 goals the last 7. Obv the result vs AV counts but it masks a very clear trend. What happened to Rodgers teams improving as the season wore on? We've regressed like mad and the matches are only getting tougher. If we don't make CL we are facing a talent exodus. We cannot make CL if we cannot score goals. Rodgers has always had us play overly conservative, unless we are chasing a goal late, then he will let them really attack. I think we need to work more of the risky attacking play throughout our matches, rather than just at the end when we trail. 


If we keep playing not to lose, we can kiss top-5 good-bye. We have to take some risks at this point. This is simply not working. 



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36 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

None of our midfield got within 30 yards of him and Barnes/Perez/Gray/Albrighton just stood on the touchline and let the game go by them.



I forgot Perez turned up today. Woeful

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You just knew it when Ndidi was played clear at the edge of the box 1st half and then obviously skyed it well over. No quality when it matters.

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25 minutes ago, Tuna said:

38 shots in the last 2 games, 0 goals.

This is abysmal. Why can we not shoot on target. We used to be clinical when Vardy was scoring, but recently he couldn't score in a.....well you know. Push Nacho or look for another goal scorer? 

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Poor finishing simple. 


Take today, Barnes had a chance in the six yard box, hit the keep for the 50th time this season.


Youri and Nacho had chance on the edge of the area and didn't make the keeper work.


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5 minutes ago, Swiss_tony said:

A close season of buying attacking mids wingers and strikers is required.

This. A winger needs to be priority number one. If we've got the spare cash we need a CAM/Number 10 (whatever you want to call it), as Iheanacho isn't good enough to play there, constantly messes up our attacks, doesn't play the ball quick enough etc. Leave him as a striker.


Will Maddison play higher up the pitch or is he going to stay in CM? That will be the key if we need to buy a CAM IMO.

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