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  1. Just bin this muppet off to United.
  2. You’re probably right, we’d be better positioned to persuade him with UCL though, no?
  3. Winning the FA cup was great, probably a once in a lifetime event for a Leicester fan. Not sure it’ll keep Youri at Leicester though, not sure it’ll attract any transfer targets in the way UCL will either. We’ve been in the top four for what, 70 games over two season? (I know that’s approximately and some nerd will probably give an exact %, thanks if you do 🙂) to not have UCL once with that rough A* statistic is a massive kick in the plums(if indeed we miss out). Yes it’s our second best season and as I said, great to win that trophy finally. It’s still sour though. It’s bugging, even
  4. I disagree, it shouldn’t make any difference. Brendan needs to react now.
  5. Maddison and Perez at the latest local house rave last night - sorry we can’t run boys, too much pop last night! Doesn’t matter though, we know you’ll always forgive and forget. Get the pair of clowns off and our recent most saviour Kel on with Praet.
  6. Few things more comical than a couple thousand angry entitled cockneys.
  7. I think we’re going to shithouse a win 😂
  8. Vardy has completely lost his pace now hasn’t he 😟
  9. The sort of match that turns your arse to gravy, no?
  10. He’s been involved in the development of some of the best players in the world. We wouldn’t be where we are without him.
  11. I haven’t seen him for years but grew up with him 🙂 smashing lad.
  12. Saw a man called Darren Clarke I know in the crowd. Jealous.
  13. Mark too busy deleting posts and moderating fans to enjoy this victory 😂
  14. Fantastic day for the club, well done boys, savour it.
  15. @Mark why you do keep deleting my posts and restricting me?
  16. Fantastic pre match singing... that’s got me right up for it!
  17. Couldn’t be more pleased to have been proven wrong. Didn’t think the boys had this in them. Well done lads.
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