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Okazaki interviews, comments and pictures from the Japanese media

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Former England international Paul Merson was raving about Okazaki’s display on TV. “His touch and vision were outstanding”, he said. Four UK newspapers gave him seven out of ten, while the Daily Mirror put him joint top in ‘distance covered’.


Pre-match Merson was very negative towards Leicester and Ranieri, post match he wasn't exactly raving over anything, but you could see we proved to him and such the media, we're not taking their shit. Merson pronounced Okazaki's name, 'Hockey-saki.'

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Here's a guide to pronouncing his name. Each of the four syllables O-Ka-Za-Ki has the same length, but the Ka should be stressed most strongly. So it's oKAzaki - the stress pattern being just like the word 'adrenaline'.

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I love computer translations, this is a nice article about him






 Claudio Ranieri coach led the Leicester has told the impression of FW Shinji Okazaki. Club official HP is reportedly a comment.  Okazaki and Ranieri coach, joined the Leicester from both this season. The director for frank impression of Okazaki I'll saw "his play. It is a very fast movement. He is keeping score shop, it is possible to take advantage of good scoring opportunities in the area. Do not touch too much ball usually There, Scoring When I think that it has touched suddenly. the very goal's scorer ", was highly evaluated the Okazaki is a genuine" competition for school marks ya ".  Subsequently, "say the players to the" cold play his players like in Italy. "determine the very calmly scoring in front of the keeper. I love it of him. Shinji is a great team player," said, I'm telling the impression of Okazaki style of play.  Okazaki left the four and a half years spent Bundesliga, got a challenge rights to the Premier League. For Okazaki, which records a league double-digit scoring in two consecutive seasons there is "that you have seen what the game or the Shinji of the game in the Bundesliga. Bundesliga is a very hard league. Of course towards the Premier League would be a little. But He is very head nice player. He said the wonder "to understand all after a few months, was expected to be an active part in the future as well.  In addition, it is not an easy thing to play Turning to the "other leagues for adaptation to England. Sometimes it takes six months to adapt. But, Shinji is a very smart player, that to determine the goal of his work It's. He will continue scored a goal. I'm very smart in the box. there is a sense of smell to the goal. that he praised really'm important presence ", Okazaki is an important presence for the team It has reiterated.  Leicester is in the Premier League opener on August 8, welcome Sunderland to home.
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Would it be fair to say that it is often a Japanese trait to absolutely push your self to the absolute limit in the work place? Or is it just a Shinji quality?





Either way, it appears we have on our hands  a highly dedicated player who seems to have all the attributes that would suit our team...

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