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Lampard, obviously determined not to be outdone by Pep, Klopp & the young boy at Manure, moaning about having to play in the 12.30 Saturday game.


This proves that you do not need any intelligence to be a football manager. They seem completely oblivious to the fact that TV money has made them multi millionaires & allows them to live in a style we can only ever dream about,  not to mention that they are also able to purchase virtually any player they want thus making their job much easier. None of that would be possible if it were not for live televised matches. Have they not heard about he who pays the piper calls the tune.


They really make me sick, if they do not like what happens in English football then let them go back & manage in their own countries (Lampard can go back to being an East end barrow boy). We will not miss them

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This is one thing I think that is so good about Rodgers, I never see him blame the circumstances for poor performances... even last season with COVID and 5 subs he never moaned. This season he has had so many injuries to deal with but just got on with it really. 

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The big six’ grip on the premier league has been shattered since our 15/16 league win, they’re scrabbling for anything they can get to restore power. Their own “elite league” or the increase in subs etc.

Trouble is, teams like us and wolves aren’t going away anytime soon.

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55 minutes ago, RowlattsFox said:

If they'd have played on Sunday Lampard would be complaining about champions League preparation time..


They could've played a bit later today but not sure a few hours makes too much difference. 

I thought this yesterday.


Ok, so a couple of hours extra would be handy, not rushing about, gives players/coaches/clubs more a routine, but in all honesty does 2.5 hours make that much of a difference, I can't see it.


As you say move the games to a Sunday and it's a knock on effect of having less prep/recovery for European commitments.


If you wanna play in the elite competitions you have to deal with the circumstances - that goes for ourselves, although i've seen nothing of anyone here passing comment on fixture congestion like the 'big 6' and with their squads they should be dealing with it better than ourselves (So far).

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Lampard moans like a man who hasn't been handed one of the best managers jobs in Europe on a plate, hasn't got all his hair and doesn't have a wife most blokes would give up a bollock to see coming out the shower. Sean Dyche I can understand but Fat Frank had it all and still mouths off.

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