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On 4/11/2016 at 13:44, Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo said:






Even in this twisted form, every time I see any image related to the Super Nintendo I feel something, deep down inside.


I was in some annoying trendy pub the other day because I moved flat and had no internet so went to use their wifi.  They had a "games corner" thing, all very hipster.  But I noticed they had a SNES so I wandered over and saw Super Mario Kart. Something inside screamed no but I thought I would have a quick go "for old times sake".  7 hours later I had become one with the game.  On an endless loop of Time Trial on Mario Circuit 1 trying to shade hundredths of a second off my best times like some kind of spastic Neo.  Re-starting the race at every slight mistake, every slight wheel on the rough.  The sound of the lights to start the race as I timed my ignition to perfection to get that little turbo boost still ringing in my ears now.  I have never hated anyone so much in all my life as that smiling, dancing "ghostly" manifestation of myself that I was trying to chase down.  I remember in that instant the hours I spent hating myself because present rumble could not beat past rumble.  I think it explains a lot about my overwhelming self loathing to this day.  Everything came back, the hours I spent on that game, every girl I fancied who never even looked at me, "one more race", the feeling once when all my times somehow got deleted and that time I almost had an epileptic fit on Rainbow Road.  I would say that Mario Kart is the only thing I have ever truly excelled in in my entire life.  Somewhere, on a planet where gamers rule, a 12 year old Rumble is worshiped like a God.


I only stopped when the barman asked if I wanted a drink.  I looked up and I could see genuine fear and pity in his eyes.  Like he had just witnessed the saddest sight ever seen.  I swore at that moment to never play it again.  There is a parallel universe somewhere where I am still playing Super Mario Kart , mum still standing next to me crying, DVT in my legs.  I love you Bowser.  I hate you Bowser.




Sorry everyone.



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1 hour ago, Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo said:

Just realised how much Puel looks like George Bush Jr at times

I don't see it...






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With Evans and Periera already in, as well as a bid for Maddison, could do with a Puel gif splashing the cash... 

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