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  1. Much ado about nothing
  2. There is the situation that ibuprofen, like some other drugs, lowers the body's temperature which can make you feel better; however, the body naturally raises its temperature because that's its way of fighting a virus more effectively.
  3. Beat about the bush
  4. Chad is a country as well as Alf's description. I toyed with 'Country shops' and 'Olde Worlde Shops' because three out of the four descriptions weren't modern parlance but wasn't satisfied that either rang true.
  5. Done - I feel that you are most likely going to get a limited number of respondents who visit the coast because of the marine environment. For me visiting the coast is a decision I make dependent upon location. I used to live in Cornwall, three miles from the north coast and eleven miles from the south coast, and very frequently visited because it was a great place to chill out, especially outside the tourist season. Also the children loved it. Now I'm retired and live in Sussex and the same motivation isn't there. I still find visits relaxing, but only go if there is a specifi
  6. Late to the party today (that's not a guess) Second rate? Second hand?
  7. A bird in the hand
  8. Dual action flush?
  9. Second one acid test
  10. Last one... Lower age limit
  11. Stuck in the middle of Wales Old guard
  12. Will forever be associated with the spaghetti western genre - A fistful of dollars, For a few dollars more and The good, the bad and the ugly.
  13. And they're coming to take him away, ha-ha, they're coming to take him away.
  14. The game plan is decent enough but it's being let down by sloppy moments. Now if only we had a Steve Walsh on the pitch to motivate and get the team firing.
  15. Doctor doctor (if we're still doing song titles)
  16. On the other hand... Accident prone.
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