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Premier League

Champions League


League One

FA Cup

League Cup

Division One

Division Two


UEFA Cup Winner's Cup

Texaco Cup

Anglo-Italian Cup

Anglo-Scottish Cup

Community Shield

International Champions Cup

Premier League Asia Cup

EFL Trophy

War League South

Football League War Cup

FA Charity Shield


I got 20 but I don't know if all of them count. But hey, 20 competitions = 20 competitions so where is my elite status at? 

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didn't we paly in something called the inter-toto cup or some such or have I got that wrong?


Also if we are going to count PL/division1/championship/division2/league1 etc and charity shield/community shield as different competitions why count the league cup only once? it has variously been the Rumbelows/Worthington/milk/Coca-Cola and various others up to and including Carabao cup

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You can’t beat a zenith data cup northern section semi final against Forest at theirs as our cup final omg how times have changed lol talking of forest who remembers playing our ‘ home ‘ game against Portsmouth in the play offs at city ground we won 1-0 and Joachim scored from a run from half way? 

My boss then had a box and he could buy it for that match for £100 so let me have it 8 pissed up city fans he regretted that 😂

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Another time we did a job for notts county some work at their ground the value was 4K they couldn’t afford to pay so said we will pay you 2k and have a box for a season. We took the box but my boss said you have to go take a mixture of clients/ friends well they had squash courts in the new stand food and players lounge we had a blast that year and cost fook all for anything that was prob 35/38 years ago in the old division 4 met some characters like Dave McKay who in those days was manager of Doncaster Rovers so whatever year that was that was it 

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Copy the below into base64 decoder for the full list





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