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Can't seem to find a car thread here but if there is one then chuck mine on the scrap heap.    Thought we ought to have a thread for all things horseless carriage.  


What you have, what you would like, what was your first, which is your favourite, whats the best you've driven in ?  What will you order when you win the lottery ?  


Also ...    good body shops to use, good garages (bad garages !), where to get cheap petrol,   how fast you have been ...    and how bigs your gearstick.


Nasty speed camera sites, roadworks, road closures, cheap car insurance .......      anything really ...    get the picture. 

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My first car was an orange Talbot Horizon .....   had always been on 2 wheels before that (Suzuki GS1000), but had a bad crash in Whetstone  and decided I needed 2 extra wheels from then on if I wanted to live a bit longer.

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I thought I'd challenge myself to remember all the cars I've had since I passed my test in 1980. In order of purchase;


Triumph Herald 1250

Ford Cortina Mk 3 1.6L

Triumph GT6


Morris Marina 1.7L

Ford Escort Mk 3 1.4L

VW Golf Mk 2 1.4L

Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.8L

Mini Metro

Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk 2

Morris Montego 2.0

Fiat Tipo 1.4

Rover 820SE

VW Passat 2.0

Ford Galaxy 2.0 Ghia

Toyota Townace

Mitsubishi Pajero

Ford Galaxy 2.0D Ghia



Best one - BMW 520d SE


Most fun - Triumph GT6


Edit: I'm sure I did this once before on FT??

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I remember my cars by which country I had them.


Austin metro

Nissan Sunny


Toyota Landcruiser

Land Rover 110

Honda XL125 (Motorbike)


Toyota 4runner

Mitsubishi 4wd minivan


VW Jetta (built poorly in Mexico)

Ford Escape

Lesotho and Zambia

Toyota Fortuner

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If I had money, I'd buy the following.

LR Disco for carting kids and luggage around. The 7 seats would make it easy to carry people and the off road capability for getting to horse riding and stuff.

RR Ghost for daily driver.

Aston Martin for me and the wife to go on dates and stuff.

I don't think you'd need anything more than those three. Perhaps 2 Land Rovers if you and the wife had to pick up more people. And maybe a McLaren for me to mess around in. A Noble would work too.

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I've got a Corsa at the minute which is decent for getting to work and back as well as just the odd drive around town. 


If I could have anything it'd be an MG Midget. Beautiful...





... If I had a lot of money then I'd have a Rolls Royce (probably the Phantom V)

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BMW 318i m sport coupe in dark grey.

First car was a Peugeot 106 Quicksilver, which was quite good for a 17 year old 10 years ago.

If I won the lottery it would be a toss up between a Range Rover sport or a Mercedes C63 AMG.

haha I had the same first car and we have very similar cars now.

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