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Championship 2017/18

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Forest under Karanka will be solid at the back if anything. his boro side were boring but extremly difficult to even create chances against, he always had us figured during our promotion battles (we were lucky to even score against his side). 


No real changes in the top 6 bar villa closing the gap on us, I can see them catching us under Bruce aswell :(


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Think either Fulham or Middlesbrough will come in further and get promoted imo.

Can't see Cardiff maintaining their current position, as they look quite average to seriously push.

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1 hour ago, Steve_Walsh5 said:

Wheels coming off at Molineux.

 Our first league defeat since October. The end of a 13 match unbeaten run. Just a shit day. They happen. 


They should have had Worrall sent off early on for steaming through the back of Jota. Their first goal wasn't even a corner, took a spawny deflection, and should have been given offside too. 


Don't get me wrong, we were rubbish going forwards and didn't deserve to win, but they shouldn't have been ahead at HT to allow them to sit back and frustrate us. 


But that's why you build a 10 point lead, for days like that. 

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18 hours ago, The Bear said:

Here's Worrall's challenge. Judge for yourself. 




4 hours ago, Facecloth said:

Got the ball. :D

I agree. He got a nick on it. Shouldn’t even have been a yellow tbh.






if you have to resort to whining about silly challenges like that costing you games wait til you come play some proper football teams. Jeez man.



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