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The high boot of Peroz

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I'd like to know the reasoning with the ref giving the penalty (on balance I sort of understand why it was given) but he just stood there watching whilst Tielemans was on the receiving end of a rather worse tackle. Its not like he was a million miles away from it either.

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7 minutes ago, TheUltimateWinner said:

I went mad at the screen when this happened. No competent ref could ever give that as a foul, Van Dijk was a) meters away and b) ducking into it.


The minute a player is ducking as much as Van Dijk was, its no longer a high boot. 

VVD puts his head there knowing he'll get the foul. 


I'm more pissed at how inconsistent the ref was 

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9 hours ago, foxile5 said:

Megan Markle is a vapid, talentless, vainglorious, shit house married to a ginger hypocrit parasite. 


Never compare us to her again. 

Get off the fence and give us your opinion, you snowflake.

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