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Aston Villa v Leicester City Carabo Cup 28.01.20

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On 16/01/2020 at 20:14, worth_the_wait said:

I sent an Email to Cross Country a week or so ago, asking whether they could put on a "Football Special" to Witton  (or a late train back from Birmingham after the match).


I got a polite reply back thanking me for my suggestion, but basically saying that there were no plans to do it, as all their trains are in full time use, and that it would be very complicated from a timetable planing purpose, and that Witton isn't a station that they serve, etc etc.


I wasn't holding out much hope, but there was no harm in asking

I got quoted £170 for a day return from Winchester to Witton for this one. Would have to leave before the end if the match and get home after 3am.  It's normally two hours to Brum. :facepalm:

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13 hours ago, Hume said:

I'm gonna buy one from P11. Maybe a few of us can sing 'we're the left side' 10 minutes after the final whistle when we've won 5-0 lol

did you get tickets online ? i think there are a few leicester fans in theses blocks, will start singing from the start!

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1 hour ago, Filbert_Ross said:

Can't be arsed with that Witton Arms. Any other pubs worth going? even if it's meant just for home fans. 

Bartons Arms is in between Villa Park and the centre of Birmingham. About a twenty minute walk from the ground. Great pub, allows away fans but don't expect to be singing/boisterous. 

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2 hours ago, will0504 said:

Haven’t driven to Villa Park for a few years now, where is a good place to park for this? Cheers! 

Star City is free I believe, about a 30 min walk away from the ground but having parked quite close in December I'd recommend parking a little way away as the traffic around the ground post match is a nightmare. 

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37 minutes ago, Shortwavefox said:

Hi guys, I was unable to get a ticket in the home end as I got busted for having a Leicestershire postcode and no buying history, are any of you able to get me a ticket please?

Just use a B'ham postcode, the tickets are e-tickets anyway so they wont need you to confirm address etc as should just be sent to you through email then scan at turnstiles. 

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2 hours ago, Shortwavefox said:

But doesn't that mean my card will decline?

Surely you can use a different delivery address and card address most sites let you. Only need the registered card address to match the details your bank hold.

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