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How hard up is St. Etienne for cash?  They're on top of the table with a domestic manager they've responded well to, who has a reputation for developing young players with great success.  Unless they're really desperate I don't know why they'd want to sell, especially since if Fofana has a big season they could probably sell him to someone richer than us for 50 million.

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1 minute ago, StanSP said:

Wonder if he reads the forum and is just trolling us ridiculously hard, knowing we'll lap it all up like absolute mugs lol


He's definitely waiting for this to get to 200 pages before announcing his new St Ettiene deal. Sick sense of humour if you ask me. 

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11 minutes ago, urban.spaceman said:

He’s teasing us and Puel is in on it. He’ll sign a new contract next week. This is Claude’s last revenge. We’ve been had.


That would be one of the epic trolls of all-time.

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50 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:

Even if we don't sign this player, I think it's worth pointing out that our scouting team still looks like they have the secret sauce:

  • Trincao might be staying with Barcelona but we were linked with him in January before Barca pounced and he looks like a wonderkid and future star of the Portuguese national team. It's impressive we identified him even if we won't get him.
  • Castagne I have always rated but I thought was absolutely superb on his debut. At 24 years of age and with his versatility, he looks like a great bit of business.
  • Fofana looks great for a 19 year old. The last young defender we spent over 20m on didn't turn out too bad either! Maybe we don't get him, but we knew after 19 games he was one to get and tried to sign him seriously. Again I think that's impressive scouting.
  • Cengiz Under is a well known player so bagging him isn't so much down to scouting, but I think it's a good signing for a decent (for the Premier League) price.

As far as I can tell we are the only teams in the league that were seriously interested in these players. I know Spurs were interested in Castagne but they didn't make an offer, and Everton aren't doing anything with Fofana. I think it's impressive in this day and age that we seem to be able to identify promising young talent that will add to our squad and who we can use to keep funding the growth of the club. If we can keep bringing in players of the level of Soyuncu and Ricardo then the club will continue to grow and grow till hopefully one day we no longer have to sell and start going for 60m+ players ourselves. I think we are about 5 years minimum away from that, depending of course on what happens in the world between now and then!


Compare this to the sums of money clubs around us have burned on poor players like Everton, West Ham and Bournemouth and it's easy to see why our scouting and analytics teams are so highly rated. Everton this season do appear to finally have got some good buys in, but they are all on big wages and cost a lot of money, and it's a short term solution. We really look like we've got the "conveyor belt" strategy used by teams like Ajax and Dortmund down already.



Really feel like there's a certain consistency to our transfers since I started following this club. Seems to have started with Maddison and Soyuncu. Some might need time but no duds. All with the ability to fit into our squad and participate one way or another. Your comment says it all really.

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43 minutes ago, Safestandingfox said:

I guess it's a false alarm, +1 for people he's got on strings, myself included now

Nah. Remember he's from Marseille and they just played there. And that etienne vs Marseille is a massive derby. Either he's trolling or really wants or knows the leicester move will Happen

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