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Black Friday deals

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2 hours ago, Milo said:

On the upside - its the best day of the year to buy one :D

Did get a sale


2 hours ago, Trav Le Bleu said:

No, you just need a USB-C cable.

Ya, technically thats correct but just gotta make sure it handles fast charge or you can damage your phone. 



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Probably too late, unless it lasts all weekend but John Lewis price match on Black Friday so you can go and pick up all your perfumes and aftershaves knowing they will be the cheapest around.


Only 10-20%, but better than buying it in two weeks time.


Designer clothes aren’t a great deal as the sales will be along in a few weeks anyway, so it’s only a rehashed version of what will be coming along in the next few weeks anyway.


I bought several perfumes and aftershaves, a coat for the missus, which maybe even cheaper in a few weeks. The worst purchase though was a house. I offered £130,000 for it Thursday, was in a battle with another investor and had to pay £133,000 on Friday. So my Black Friday didn’t go too well

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20 minutes ago, Bellend Sebastian said:

25% off a current generation Sonos one, which is the best deal I've ever seen on these (£149 instead of £199)


Why hello, Mr Debit Card

Sonos is a cracking investment, I love my set.

Im just looking at the external speakers to finish off my collection.

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Needed a new winter coat for my daughter, she looked online last week and found the one she wanted, £45. When we got to the shop yesterday afternoon it was down to £20, and then it came up at £9 at the till. Bargain. 

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