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So I’ll admit, I haven’t seen a lot of our u23 games, but I keep hearing George Thomas’s name come up.


From what I read, he plays as either a right winger, or attacking midfielder, and it’s raised a question that maybe someone else, who has seen more of him play, can answer.........


Do we think we should be looking to integrate him into the first team squad, and give him minutes at RW??


Come January, I think we could (and should) still be looking for a genuine Right Winger.

Ghezzal wasn’t good enough, and although Perez has been playing there, I think he looks more of a forward, and isn’t particularly providing the partner on the wing that Pereira can dovetail effectively with.


I believe Thomas is out of contract in the summer, so is now the time, before January, to give him a boost, with some 1st team squad action, and maybe some minutes on the pitch, to gauge if he could be the answer, and is deserving of a new contract?


Can anyone offer balanced insight into his progress in the u23’s?.....

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...looked the part when he first came to us!!!

I thought he seemed a good option for the Shinji role, mobile, intelligent, can finish and could pick a pass.As time has gone on, he has been moved around within the team and is now a cog in the engine room, which he carries out adequately, but is a waste of his talents. He has more to offer and if his contract is up come January, then he should push for a move, in order that is career does not stagnate further.

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17 hours ago, WhatTheSchlupp? said:

Would take a serious, catastrophic amount of injuries for I’m to even have a slight chance of first team action, he’ll be gone to a championship club in a year or 2 probably- On a side note, he was my old tennis coach at a club in Leicester 🤭

To the Championship? 


Didn't he play in L1 with Scunny last season? Not sure how he did but don't think he set the league alight.

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