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Shoot out in Enderby

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And I thought this would be one of DGs insightfull articles into a football penalty shoot out in 1975 at Enderby town in the southern league .

There was a shooting here few months back .Scum of the earth I don't mind saying and theres lots of em around Leicester.I only make judgments on experiences and a Charles Bronson style reply would be fine .Police tend to leave them to it to sort   things amonst themselves.They don't travel much

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Doubt it .I think the view is they only fight amongst themselves.

My son got an almighty beating about 8 years back in Hinckley -hes no angel and shouldn't have been anywhere near them- girl issue -but put him seriously in hospital as to be unrecognisable smashed up his car no charges he wouldn't press charges and told me don't do anything dad they know our address that the way it works.

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3 hours ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

Police kindly let me through the Foxhunter end of the cordon about 8.45 to drop my mum home.

Tried to get in the Bantlam Lane end but was clearly some major stuff going on.

Sad times anyway.

What type of caravan does she have ? 

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2 hours ago, pSinatra said:

When we were kids, most other places used to take the piss out of Enderby.  If you did something retarded.......everyone would shout "Enderrbyyyy" with their tongues hanging out their mouth.


Just saying

We used to say What a Joey, but i won't say why.

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1 minute ago, yorkie1999 said:


I imagine it's tough to spot when you're part of the problem.


9 hours ago, yorkie1999 said:

Gypos not getting on and taking the law into their own hands.


7 hours ago, RonnieTodger said:

I can't believe it would be travellers. They're such a proud and respectful people!


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