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10 of the Hardest Players in Leicester City's History

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7 hours ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

Micky Galloway definitely should be there.


Robbie Savage? Really ?


Remember him twatting Duncan Ferguson and Ferguson getting sent off.

Also Gary Coatsworth, and another was Gregor Stevens an absolute thug.

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3 hours ago, nealsimbo said:

Bob hazel was a beast

Who throws petrol bombs.


Loved big bad Bob - We ended up in the Stoke end one Christmas game and Bob took some shocking raciest abuse from the home crowd to which my mates dad told a load of Stokies to put a sock in it.


I was about 13 and hugely impressed - There again he was from The Monsell and Bob was a huge fans favourite and as tough and brave as they come.

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6 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:










What I love about that forearm smash gif is the fact that Was is only got eyes for the bloke's head lol


Sometimes you here commentators say "his eyes were on the ball" but it so clear Was was trying to cause damage. No ref dared to book him so he used to get away with murder....

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I can't find footage of it but when we played Barca in that preseason tournament Was elbowed Suarez really badly, Suarez turned to run at Was and then saw the size of him and thought better of it! I'd love to find a GIf of it... 

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Heskey? lol


Probably one of the least hardest players we've ever had. Was left oj the floor more than Okazaki on ice. For a player of his build, he regularly got outstrengthed by players much smaller than him.


If anything, it was his lack of steel which was the main reason he never fulfilled his potential.

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